Too many locked cars. False advertising?

Hello folks,

I wanted to share something I realised about the 7th Forza. I have the feeling there is way too much content that is being exclusive, Gift cars, Unicorns and Forza Editions. And in particular the thing about the speciality dealer. I am writing for a change or reconsideration how all this “exclusivity” process is carry out in FM7.
As I see it, it is supposed to ressemble the used-car dealer from GT. GT works based on the local amount of time played. So it’s depends how often the enthusiastic car amateur is gaming.
The specialty dealer we have is basically a time-limited auction of Unicorns. It also means it’s impossible to get content already available “offline” playing solo “offline”.
I really like that everything ever in the game is at least available in Freeplay mode, but I would appreciate if they added every car appearing in the game (future Forzathon and FE cars)


The car collection system is one of the core foundations of Forza Motorsport 7 and likely would have been solidified long before we knew about the title’s existence. In other words, it’s not going to change no matter how much feedback is given post-release.

If you would like to have “no limits” on what cars you would like to buy, you’ll have to head to Forza Horizon 3 or Forza Motorsport 6 to get that experience.

A reasonable request, and based on what I have seen so far every car that is in the game’s files is accessible in Free Play. All of these cars can be painted as well, as you do not need to own a car in order to paint it.

I am also annoyed with the amount of exclusive cars. For example I want the Aston Martin One-77. I thought once I completed the entire career mode all the locked cars would be unlocked…nope. I thought I would be able to buy the One-77 in the auction house, but appearantly I can’t. I just bought my 1st prize crate for 360,000 & got mod cards & driver gear…no car. Does anyone know if locked cars (like the One-77) are ever offered as a rank up reward? I hate to think I have to wait until it is offered by the specialty dealer. This is particularly disappointing since I bought the $100 ultimate edition.


So even though you are a favourite of T10 by how your content gets promoted, it looks like you were wrong mate and they changed it :slight_smile: Not the first time it happened !
Appreciate the confidence :slight_smile:

What??? So, how can I change the color of the car that a don’t own (rent car) to use in free play?

I think the One-77 is sold at the Specialty Dealer for a few more days. I just bought one and made a quick tune for it.

Well I think everything can get changed at anytime, no matter what. In games especially, just look even in politics it’s possible, so why not with what is “virtual” ? :wink:

Turn 10 changed the VIP rewards to full time double credits vs needing a mod card to get double credits. If they can do this, then I feel confident they can unlock the locked cars. I would be fine with completing the campaign mode 100% to unlock all the non-DLC locked cars. As it is there are 35 cars I want which are locked. And probably close to that amount of cars that are locked but I don’t care to have. If they put 3 cars a week in the special dealer, and each one was one of the cars I want, it would take over 10 weeks to get the cars. Of course there are going to be a lot of cars in the specialty dealer that I don’t care for, so who knows how long it will take…P00P!


There are currently approximately 79 vehicles which are locked and for which unlocking details have not yet been given. The Aston Martin One-77 is one of these. As far as I am aware it’s not available as a rank up reward and I’ve never had any success with finding in the prize crates cars which are not available in the normal game.

So its time, patience, a future specialty dealer, Forzathons, special events and challenges. It’s far from ideal but pending their release many of these cars can be rented.

This only came about after refunds and non-Forza media attention reached critical mass.

Forza Motorsport 7 hasn’t been in the news since Alan Hartman’s statement went live.

Very disappointed to see so many locked cars in this game, that remain locked even if you complete the Driver’s Cup. I was really looking forward to driving cars like the McLaren 570S, 911 GT3, Audi S3 etc thinking they were part of the full car list on launch, but only realised that when I got the game they were locked away for some reason. Was that reason to try and improve the longevity of the game so people keep coming back to the specialty dealer? If so thats a poor decision. Just feels like loads of nice cars are hidden away, even though they were available in previous games like FH3. Anyone else a bit frustrated by this?


No, it’s not that frustating, the game has 700 cars in it for god sake. That’s plenty.
I’m not fussed if a small amount of them are locked away, I don’t buy games expecting everything to be unlocked from the get go.
The game would be very boring if that was the case.

Pretty much every Forza game has had cars locked, they were called unicorn cars and you could only get them by doing somethign special like winning a competition or even something as mundane as pre-ordering the game.


I’m not expecting everything to be unlocked form the start as yes, that would be boring. But I feel that keeping them locked indefinitely until a specialty dealer opens or whatever is just stupid. I mean, the Forza Edition cars are good unicorn cars and I understand the exclusivity, but why cars like the Koenigsegg Regera or Porsche 911 GT3 which were purchasable in FH3? Just doesnt make sense.


I can has Unicorn?


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The simple answer would be “because they can, and because they felt like it.” Only T10 know their reasoning, and there’s a debate going on in another thread regarding locked cars, loot crates and the whys and wherefores of how to unlock them. The only thing we know for sure, is that they will be unlocked at some point one way or another, but as to when that might be requires a Ouija board, crystal ball, sacrificial goat and a whole host of robed characters muttering incantations in some forgotten language to an unforgiving God in a futile attempt for them to show mercy on the Forza community…


Because Turn 10 made FM7 and Playground games made FH3. Different developers different games. They are all achievable just not all at once. Some have been obtainable through the specialty dealership multiple times, Forzathon, Rivals mode on special occasions like having to set a time or beat someones time to get a certain car.

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Doesn’t matter its the same brand technically. Stop being a fanboy and blindly defending the developers!