Too many designsed saved.

i have 382 cars in my garage. 82 of them have no design or paint job saved. when i try to get a design, it says too many designs saved. i do not any extras. shouldn’t i be able to have at least 1 design for each car ? plus, it hurts the 82 designers i would like, and the cars i still do not own. they need to add more design memory space. there is also a first time ever, limit on the number of designers you can follow.

hhmmm I did not know this, but I’m not surprised as I remember getting a similar message in a previous Forza game. Yeah I also hope they increase it past that, as I might be getting close to the limit as well. I wouldn’t even mind paying a little extra, the option would be nice.

Also a tune limit and garage limit usually but I am not sure what they are in H3. someone will chime in, but yea you will most likely have to delete some. I know its annoying

yeahh this drove me away from the game simply because making designs is my second fav thing to do in the game sucks really

That’s strange, I have well over 200 designs saved and shared. Countless others that are saved but not shared.

Same here. I have countless designs saved and tons not shared also.

382 - 82 = 300

Sounds like 300 is the limit. 550 is the garage limit. I’ve hit the tune limit, but didn’t count … it’s less than 550, tho.

Somebody posted a workaround for the design limit using the auction house but I don’t remember the details. It was a thread started in this forum not too long ago, though. It had to do with cars in auction house having the shown design being the new default … so I think you can put up one of your least important cars with a design up for sale for a price nobody will pay, then delete the save before you recollect the car. The design should still be on the car.

DISCLAIMER: I may not be remembering the steps right, so either look for the thread or practice with a car and design that aren’t important first.

Oh yeah, and don’t let cars go uncollected in the auction house for long periods of time or they might disappear.

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I found this out on accident a month or so ago and now my go to method to get rid of overcrowding and duplicates in my garage. If they don’t sell, I leave them because if I wanted them, they won’t be in the AH to begin with. I still have 12 unclaimed gift cars that were sent me earlier this month for unknown reasons and they’ll stay as notifications, too.

I have 382 cars in my garage. 82 of them have no design or paint job saved or shared. I have no extras for the other cars. When I try to get designs, it says “too many designs saved”. Shouldn’t I be able have at least 1 desing for each car ? This hurts the 82 desings I would like, and designs for the cars I still do not own. Plus, there is a first time ever limit on number of designers you can follow.