too many cars, how to reduce?

hey guys!

so I have 900 cars and no longer have any room. I have been trying to remove duplicates (of which I have way too many) by either selling, or removing yet this seems to reduce my collector score.

what is the best way to get rid of duplicates, yet not reduce my collector score?


Duplicates doesn’t have any effect on collection score. Just have one if each and remove rest.

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Removing dupes only reduces your score if they have a different collector value (like a specialty dealer car) and you remove the higher valued car. If you have 2 of the exact same car and remove 1 of them your score will not decrease.

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I’m getting higher now as well. But I simply cull my cars every week or do. Eliminating duplicates that you get in leveling up etc.

I keep the leveledup one, which you can6 sell, or has only a 100cr value, and sell the higher valued car.

That’s providing it’s an exact duplicate of course.

Like others have said, while some might look identical, they could be from a different speciality batch, or a Gift as a Reward etc. Those have no credit value unfortunately.

Sell the ones that are higher in value, keep the replacements wherever possible. Some could be Auctionedoff if they are doubles on say FE cars or Speciality Rewards gift cars. Those would be harder for others to get, so offering them up at Auction could allow others to get one, plus ideally giving you some more credits.

If you have 900+ cars, then you must have an huge amount of credit sitting in there, car value wise. Not that it can be used of course once you have every car, which is nigh on impossible btw.

Just what IS the exact amount of cars FM7 can cater for?

Anyone know what will happen once Turn10 have reached their maximum number of cars? If that is even possible . . . . ?

900 is the garage limit which is why he is needing to get rid of some to make room for others

I have every car except the unreleased cerbera…still have plenty of room for more but i dont keep very many duplicates
About 35 million useless credits too so i just remove cars now
With the duplicates remove the ones with the lower collection value