My tokens ingame are missing , i bought yesterday 1200 tokens and now i have 0…
Someone knows how to fix it or have the problem as well?

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Similar boat for me, I bought the game the other day. Today I decided to download some DLC’s and pick up some tokens. DLC’S say they are installed but I can’t seem to access them from my garage and then the tokens i bought NEVER showed up.

Before someone asks yes I know I bought them and they went through via my payment because of the email receipts of the transactions for the DLC’s and tokens. If anyone has any answers or work around please let me know. Either here or by pm or whatever is available.


dude… i got refund and now i tried again to buy some tokens… its not even showed up… but i got the email that i payed and everything…

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Yeah Ive got the same, Ive got the emailed receipt showing that I purchased the tokens but none of the tokens have shown up in game. Im a bit worried that between the tokens and the DLC I purchased this weekend not working right that I just dont want to get screwed over on it.

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Same here my tokens are gone

I still dont have the tokens… i dont know what do it… its so annoying

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I was on the phone with Xbox and just paid again for tokens and did not get them! Does anyone know what to do ?

I paid $108 for 20000 tokens billed my credit card and never seen one token added to my account 1/31/17. I haven’t heard anything from turn 10…Microsoft has been trying to find a solution, but nothing. Thanks for the great customer service turn 10. I really need a solution. Has anyone else had this problem too?