today's patch still DID NOT fix the hitching/stuttering on PC..

…see topic.

also there’s (for me) a new bug: sometimes the track texture is missing.

and still getting no achievements…

It’s still not optimized to spread it’s workload over multi threaded cpus. I still have 1-2 cores pegged at 100%. Seems kind of like a big oversight not to design your game to use multiple cores when porting it to pc.

This game has so many issues and I grow more disappointed with it every day.


track texture missing bug is the game itself, gotta wait for a patch that fixes this.
The stuttering however, take a look here and see if you can find anything that might help.

yes, I own a ASUS RX 480 Strix 8 GB OC and I’m using ASUS GPU Tweak II, running the card @ 115% power in every game. on desktop, it runs in silent mode. but usually I start GPU Tweak once, select my profile before I start the game and then I close the tool (also in task manager, because it’s still running there after closing it - doesn’t matter to kill the task, the card will still run oc without the tool in the background). but this doesn’t produce the error for me because a) I don’t get any error message, b) normally you would see this error in the thread you’ve linked in the windows event log, but there I didn’t find anything in context or connection with the game or the video card driver.

but anyway thanks for trying to help.

Also did, nothing for stability as far as random crashes. Getting pretty tired of starting races only to crash. Usually though happens within 5 laps of finishing. Off the top, is there a restriction on returns? Seriously regretting paying $100 for the ultimate edition. Haven’t really looked into as of yet but may as well do that now while I am thinking about it.

If anything it made things much worse, before the patch, any patch i could play for hours without crashing, now it crashes every 10 minute or so, not fixing anything but braking more, maybe instead of making fancy unnecessary menus, which have incredible lag now and implementing bunch of other retarded crap like loot boxes they should’ve actually optimized their game properly, pretty sure people could live with static menus just fine, laggy, stuttering crashing mess, not so much.
Back to pcars2, where this mess doesn’t exist and those people have much smaller budget and studio

Same here, since the patch I get slightly more micro-stutters, and a ton more crashes.
Usually it crashes between races (in post-race menu) for me, but I can kinda watch the game de-stabilize while racing … performance gets worse, objects pop in/out more frequently, then the post-race menu starts to lag and eventually the whole thing gives up.

It did also fix nothing for me - still random crashes in menues, random constant stuttering in certain races while others are totaly fine. I really hope they get a grip!

This patch has made my experience worse than before, particularly now I’m suffering a lot of stutter and hitches whilst racing, textures not rendering and some crash to desktop.

With now suffering stutter and hitches whilst racing this patch has made the game totally unplayable for me on PC.

Congratulations T10 I will never buy another one of your games again !

Prior to today’s patch I didn’t really have too many problems besides the occasional stutter, today the game froze twice, once while I was browsing the car collection, and once in the main menu :frowning:

after a few days playing more after the first I’ve noticed the following bugs:

  • every time I restart a race after finisching it, the same race runned very smoothly before is now running only with massive hitching/stuttering. from that point on it goes with every next race so I got to restart the game every time to stop this.

  • I’ve started ar ace on the Nordschleife with GP course at night with GT cars (2 laps). at the 2nd lap in the stage between Wehrseifen village and Bergwerk the track and environment textures were missing and the car lights were just gone and I just had the hell no idea where I was driving so I had to cancel to race. I’ve noticed the bug with missing textures sometimes on some other tracks, too.

  • the memory leak is still there. mostly when switching between rims.

  • still getting no achievements/gamerscore.

I know that you guys are having most of the bugs, too. but do you have hitching/stuttering when you restart a race after finishing it before, too? and for those who are getting achievements with the PC version: do you run the XBox app in the background when playing FM 7? or maybe I’m missing a Win 10 setting turned on or a service isn’t running?javascript:__doPostBack(‘forum$ctl03$PostReply’,’’)

I am also experiencing these issues.

Strange thing with the achievements, I was getting them up until the first patch, nothing since.

that’s too bad. so let’s hope we will get the next patch soon and it will fix all this issues. in the meantime maybe this thread could help ?

Just finished Xbox One patch (266mb) 10/10/2017… I want to see if anything is fixed but I’m worried I’ll be let down again. And hockey is on, so… will report back later if I remember.

*Ok, ok, one quick note before the game. Updated to version 1.107.5368.0 and I noticed my two free microsoft driver’s gear are missing. Oh well. I’m not here for the gear.

*Now I’m not getting a livery loaded on my MX-5 Cup car… seeing if it will still lag/crash restarting a series on Yas Marina… and it DID.

OK screw this I’m going to watch hockey…

I will give it a go, not sure it will do anything. I have 32GB of RAM and the game is only using 6.4GB when it starts stuttering after restarting a race.

It’s the same for me too after this new patch!
Just played the game, raced 2 times at Hockenheim, and after the second race I wanted to return to the main menu… and voila, crash to desktop!
Also, the big animated display behind the player, when you receive your credits, works only when I put the fps on dynamic, when I put it on 60fps(v-sync) no animation, just a black screen.
This happened since the first patch came out. I did not have this problem with patch 1.106.2356.2

** i5 6600K - 16 GB - GTX 1070 **

Today’s update (10/10/17) also broke free play. It just endlessly loads but won’t start. Nor will it load any drivatars. And since the race won’t load, I can’t race or leave the race so I have to back out and restart the game. So all I can do is build cars but I’m not able to drive them

Update and they did NOT fix the memory leak and add 2x VIP Credits [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D]???

I regret re-purchasing the game. I don’t think I’ll get a second refund.

Back to Forza 6 and Horizon 3…

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