Todays hot fix to save issue broke my game

I,m trying to do adventure buggy and the beast showcase. Game loads for about 5 minutes, the after starting at the very first jump world terrain goes invisible and my buggy is stuck in midair.

I can still access menus, so after restarting mission EXCACT same thing happen again,

Now I choose quit mission, and I have an ENDLESS loading screen.

This is on Xbox series x console

I have fixed my issue by doing the infamous clear alternate MAC address fix for Xbox!

Details please?

No fix, it’s just works sometimes. You need to be careful and don’t do “stupid things”. :smiley:

Yeah, it’s normal.

I’m having a lot of issues now too. It’s getting to the point I just don’t want to play anymore.
Started getting terrain errors where it doesn’t load and everything gets stuck, requiring a restart. ForZA hOriZOn buGs again - YouTube

Fast travel to the house and try to leave, the controls no longer works. Requires a restart.

The daily thing where you have to purchase 3 Car Mastery skills doesn’t work. Try to relaunch the game to fix and the game crashes trying to launch it. Restart Xbox.

Daily wheel spins not working (not new). Drive around trying to find a way to trigger it, but I stop at a race event to do a rivals event, gets stuck in endless loading. Close the game. Game crashes, have to restart Xbox again.

Get back in to the game and I’ve got rain droplets all over my screen and it’s sunny out. I go into photomode and look up, sure enough, almost zero clouds in the sky and none are near me. Exit the photo mode and now the roads are soaked.

I continue my long drive and EVERY drivatar out there is the same car as mine. About 15 miles of driving. Every single one of them. I finish my drive and figure I should test this out. I head to a drag strip, guess what? A full field of the exact same car.

Yes, that’s normal. Water on a cam is very bad, you need not to switch cams during rain OR let game switch it like before/after race. Fix is to wait for rain or use some water to “clean” it.