Todays daily challenge bug - Explorer - complete an expedition not unlocking

I’m trying to complete todays daily challenge. Which is to complete an expedition. I’ve just tried two expeditions and it’s still not completing.

I also see tomorrow’s challenge is to complete any horizon story chapter. Is this going to have the same issue too.

[Edit - Thank you for submitting tickets on this issue, it has now been identified and added to the Known Issues list. - MM]


Me too. Have to ask but does Complete an Exhibition mean just that or do you have to do all the side missions as well?

Welcome to the club mate.

Still haven’t got my seasonal completion of any Horizon Arcade event yet after completing numerous events to the end of round 3 over the last two seasons.

Hopefully it’ll be patched soon but I ain’t holding my breath until next year.


THIS!!! Im new to Forza tbh, not played a rally game for literally decades…

I was really enjoying it, bought the “Add-on” dlc to boot…

But the frickin bugs man…this is almost as bad as it gets, only the real next-level broken games are worse imo…

I would like to complete a single “Arcade Event”…just once…

Same for me its bugged, even did all the side mini missions inside the expedition and did it 3 times and still not getting marked as done. This crazy bugfest needs to get fixed

Last week the trick was not to win the showcase, because it says “complete it” but not “win it”… so I tried it and it worked out

I will give it a try

edit: No it don’t work, no idea to complete it this week…

Only problem is you cant fail an expedition so that wont work

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There is a time limit on the first stage on the expeditions but if you tried to not make it you would fail so couldn’t go on to complete it… ho humm…

I just checked there is no time limit it only counts time how long it takes you to do it but there is no countdown timer so you cant fail it

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Ok so does that make the daily pop ? Did you try that out by any chance ?

more like “Today’s daily bug”


Yep… maybe if you have done them all already then re-doing them doesn’t count :frowning:


I brought this up when the thread for this season first went up. A lot of people have completed all the expeditions. Why make them do one over for a daily? Same with the stories. I haven’t completed all of those but I’m sure some people have and buying a car from the auction house is another dumb one. I sell duplicates there but I don’t use it for buying. I had to buy a car and then re-list it.

The fact that a lot of them have been broken is a whole other matter.

here we go again what glitch we gotta do this time >.<

They should give us trophy (min, max…) and full playlist rewards for this mess. :smiley:

I mean really…this is your reply to a problem affecting everyone?

What on earth has happened to you turtle seriously?

Seriously, they should at least lower the bar so you only need 90% or whatever. But we still don’t know for sure exactly what the requirements are, as it’s currently possible to achieve ‘more than 100%’ of the requirements, so does that mean we can miss a few out and still get it? Nobody knows (except the devs who never tell us anything).

I think he’s just being petulant with that post, that’s the only option available when denial is out of the question.

They got to issue a patch as quick as they can. Kinda dumb to include tasks in daily with ZERO TESTING. Clearly there was zero testing as if they would have got it tested even by 1 person, the bug would have been found out.


That’s sheer idiocy. Just because some are experiencing it, does not mean all are. You’re theory that no one tested it, is probably false. Try being helpful instead of acting like an insufferable twatter. All these people “omg so many bugs!!! I need everything to be absolutely perfect or else!” Don’t play then. It’s that simple. Don’t do it, uninstall and go elsewhere. Y’all can complain a lot but I don’t see any of your bug free games being a minuscule of a fraction as popular. Or existing for that matter.