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Any update for all of the patient, loyal and enthusiastic Forza Players? We would love to try the Forzathon Challenges if you can manage to get them to show up for us.



Still nothing doesn’t surprise me yet they can send out free cars ok quickly enough but can’t fix this problem Forza is going downhill rapidly


I’ve been posting pics daily on live and still no solution. We better get something for paying into this and for the ones that paid for early release, its a double slap in the face.

There was an announcement nearly a day ago

It was in the Week in Review and also posted in the main Forzathon thread

Same here, I fire up forza every day just to see that it still isnt fixed.
Then go back to playing a game that actually works.

19th? Nahh, unacceptable, it doesn’t show any “srry for the trouble we fix asap”, but show “we not really care much” and do not show great promise for future. Playground Games have in FH their things much better in order.

And extending? Hope so but it is already extended, so will they extend a second time? Maybe they can better stop with Forzathons as now 3 of 4 have/had issues. Only second Forzathon had no issues. Then they can concentrate on other issues that still needs to be fixed.

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