To the devs if you ever see this - Ever heard of Anti-Aliasing?

This is really only to the developers, in the unlikely event any of them actually read this.

FH2 has some pretty great AA (anti-aliasing), partly because it uses a Forward+ renderer (first console game to use this i think) yet Forza 6 still has bad AA and seems to use Deferred rendering, still.

All the edge pixel “jaggies” on the tracks and cars are obvious and really ruin things. Things haven’t improved since FM5 in this area.

Why can’t you match FH2’s AA? I know you’ve gone for 60FPS, but this isn’t an open world like FH2 so it’s easier to hit 60FPS.
FM6 has far more simple tracks with a bunch of 2D trees, landscapes, people, and other stuff in the background. With these compromises, surely you can manage some decent AA? A good example to look at is Drive Club, while it’s a pretty bad game, it has some of the best AA of any console game as they have used multiple different AA techniques to tackle jaggies.

The game’s graphics engine needs updating on a whole, but what i’d like to see most is an update to FM6 that at the very least improves the AA. Even though i know this is very unlikely to happen.

The developers have already answered these questions in several interviews and comments made by Dan on twitter. Everything in this game is a compromise to keep the 60 frames per second going. I for one am not particularly fussy about 60fps, I don’t find Horizon 2 to be jittery at all. If it stays at a constant 30fps it seems perfectly fine to my eyes. And I’m pretty sure human reflex speed is well below one thirtieth of a second, so I doubt it will affect people’s driving.

But a lot of players are very particular about this 60fps number, and so the devs have chosen to stick to it. Every game on the Xbox One makes sacrifices for graphics, it’s just a function of the hardware (or lack thereof). And Driveclub has an extra 40% or so graphics grunt to work with so obviously they can push the graphics fidelity higher than Forza is able to. They also have GDDR5 bandwidth availble on the PS4.

If you going to -talk to the developers- at least get your facts right, 30 fps gives far more input lag than 1/30 of a second, is not as simple as you think.

when youre playing the game, look at the rear view mirror capped at 30fps. Yeh, i’ll take the compromise to have 60fps.


Last I heard, Forza actually uses 2xMSAA. Yes, it still produces some jaggies, but it doesn’t compromise any image quality. I’d much rather have MSAA with some jaggies than the awful blur that is FXAA that most games have.

I hardly see any jaggies or artifacts.

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It’s funny how all the games you mention with better AA also run at a crappy 30 fps. I couldn’t even stand to play Horzion 2 in cockpit view, because 30fps played like trash. Forza 6 is also pushing higher physics calculations and more cars on track.

So they’re already pushing the crap Xbox One hardware as much as possible.

It doesn’t matter what what everyone dose there will always be people winging and moaning about something . This is the best forza in my eyes not up to forza. 2 which for me was the best but it looks great and drives well .

If you want to seriously talk about graphics and want as much as you can go by a PC and spend £2000 to get the best .

It’s. £350 console and it’s pretty good if you ask me for the money so stop winging and play the game and enjoy .

All I see is everyone moaning all the time about something I really don’t know why you even bother to play it !

Go and drive fast and enjoy it!

It hasn’t even been properly released yet lol !

The Anisotropic Filtering looks way more problematic to me than Anti Aliasing in Forza games. You can get used to the low quality Anti Aliasing in F6 i think (it hurted my eyes at first too), blurry textures 10 meters ahead in subjective views is not something i get used to (more visible with fast cars, less problematic on wet road texture/kerbs).
Forza 6 still looks superb in most ways, though…