To Snowowl

I think for some reason Turn10 may have my ban situation backwards. I will not discuss gamertags, but an individual was in one of our tram’s races and was bragging about being able to hack players’ systems and play through them. I, nor my team, has been involved in hacking. The individual who did this I can name, only in private. I have tried to write about this, but I was told on forum to write to the email. I was told on email to write on forum. Please help. I really appreciate your help… Again not I nor anyone on my team is responsible for the hack. I have filed camplaint with Xbox 360 and they apparently banned that player from XBox360 play. I would love to see this rectified with my account restored. I have been faithful to Forza since the firsdt game on the original Xbox, tehn to Forza2, 3, 4, and Horizon. I love the game and would never, ever hack your system.

You have already received the response twice, including your original thread about an “illegal ban” with a photo of the car displaying your Gamertag as the Seller -

The same answers apply. You posted a HACKED car on the Auction House for sale, which is a violation of the Xbox LIVE Code of Conduct.

You will need to wait for a response from Turn 10, and there is no further discussion on these forums.

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