To all FM7 players!

Well, lets start fron square one.
I am from FPS background, it got too competitive, to lost to roots, to rotten from inside, to microtransections heavy, i open quit on my favorite franchise halo.

Anyways, now coming to forza, I am a car nut and love car, so I thought this was a better community to be a part of because I love cars and racing.

Which is my favorite car?
Bmw 5 series 2017.

Favorite race car?
Bmw M4 gts (the one in game finally!)

Favourite daily commute car?
Honda city 2017.

I dont own any. Just got in college. I am 19. I belong to a businessman family so I know I will get these car or something similar in future.

I think that all one needs to know.

Now coming back to topic,
I am looking for friends, people who love forza, love cars in real life, are car nuts like me, have good or atleast above average skills, I can beat drivatars at expert difficulty in Fm7.

I would like to join clubs, clans or anything of this sort to get more exposure to this community.

Also. A big thing, can someone tell me like what are the problems in this community? Like what are some things that players hate when others do them, what are the untold and unspecified ettiques and rules like stuff people follow during games, etc. Basicly tell me the bones and muscles of this community.

Also I am not very active since I am doing a design degree in product design and have little time to play.