TN Eagle's 33 Stradale Twin pack #1 time

Hey Everyone,

I know I usually only do one release per week but I wanted to get this pack out to you ASAP!

If you have the new Smoking Tire Car Pack you have probably already noticed the Alfa Romero 33 Stradale, this is a beautiful looking car…and it is quick.
I have two tunes for it right now, one in B Class and one in A Class. Here are the times run with them so far, including a #1 time on Yas Marina South by Clay in LA:

B Class

Yas South #1 1:03.27 Clay
#7 1:03.917 TGSByost22
#8 1:04.001
Yas Full #4 2:20.205 Clay
#5 2:20.79
Yas North #6 1:13.909
Yas Alt #3 2:03.319 Clay
Yas North Alt #6 57.478 Clay
#12 57.929

Top Gear Full #6 1:13.713
Sebring Short #12 1:16.772

A Class

Bathurst #10 2:05.844 Clay
Yas North #11 1:09.826
North Alt #11 54.747
Sebring Full #16 2:05.497 Clay
Sebring Short #19 1:12.015 Clay
#28 1:12.188
Sebring Club #19 1:03.668 Clay
#23 1:03.868
Silverstone Nat #21 55.509

I hope you all enjoy running these as much as Clay and I did. Please let me know if you post some better times or times on tracks we have yet to run and I will update the OP.
Again, sorry for having two releases on the first page but I think you’ll find that this one was worth it! Many thanks to Clay in LA for posting some incredible laps in these cars.

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damn, and i thought i wasn’t going to buy any DLC cars…

Wow, super times fella’s. Will have to try these out…thx

Great B Class setup i’ve been setting PBs all over the place well done TN Eagle,i haven’t tried the a class yet but look forward to giving it a go.

Downloaded both of these last night after seeing them posted in your tune catalog. Haven’t had a chance to try them yet, but looking forward to giving them both a good run.

Congrats on the times guys top stuff : )

Nice cars Eagle…like I said the other night…this car is easily my favorite of all the cars that have come out. The B class car is really smooth, a nice mixture of handling and acceleration…works best on the Yas tracks. The A class car is my type of car, lots of power, a little bit of sliding around and you can just abuse the mess out of it…anyway, hope everyone enjoys these cars.

Have yet to purchase any tunes in forza but i might have to give this one a shot. Now just have to make it thru 2 more hours of work. at least i have something to look forward to!

Damn bro, great lap! Thanks for running it.

Thanks Bayless, let me know what you think.

Thanks Johnson, and I sent you a FR tonight in the lobby since I always forget lol.

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I had time to run a few laps on Yas Marina South in the B class version, I got a 1:04.005 #8. Another great tune Eagle. Tomorrow I’m going for the 1:03s, I had a few of them that were dirty.

I will have to grab these up and give them a go. Some nice times posted there fellows!

So I see it worked out well going down to B class…lol. Nice job and congrats on the #1 fellas!

I snagged these both up last night!

I haven’t run the A class yet.

I like the B class so far. It is certainly point and shoot. But I could not beat any of my PB’s i set with my 33 tune. :frowning: Yours handles better, but doesn’t seem as fast. I will be using your tune in the lobbies due to its ability to point and shoot.

Ill give hot lapping another chance and see what I can do.

Thanks for the great tune! Keep it up!

My tuning style may not suit your driving style, I certainly wouldn’t use mine in lobbies if yours is getting you better times, go with what works best for you! Thanks for trying them out Krawler.

I like/love most your tunes man! I realized i hadn’t give much feedback. So wanted to drop a line

I was expecting to kill my PB’s with this one. It handles great! I haven’t given up on it yet.

No Worries bud, I appreciate it!

I improved to a 1:03.917 #7 on Yas Marina South. Unfortunately on that lap I went from .333 up at the 1st time split to .182 down at the 2nd time split, so the lap could have been a 1:03.4 or 1:03.5.

Great job Byost…bout time :wink:

OP Updated.

Wish i had the DLC to get this car!!!