Tis the season for joining

I know I’m not the only one having issues with this challenge. But geez it has really put a sour taste in my mouth About the online aspect. I play on Xbox series x. I’m not the worst driver but my paraplegia does damper some of my reaction time. My big thing is the fog is unrealistically bright. The cars headlights don’t help any either. Oh than their is the players. Good golly. It’s a team event right? Or do you just win by constantly putting me in a ditch? I have tried 20 plus time this last few days. I’m going to try it 1 more time and then I’ll kiss that SVJ goodbye. playground needs to come up with a incentive to drive better and with good sportsmanship. Sorry if this has turned into a complaint. I’m just really frustrated about this.

They have already fixed good sportsmanship by removing ranked racing. Now everyone drives clean and no one rams any more.


It seems that no one wants to work as a team they are only concerned about how well they are doing themselves, on a good day I can finish 3rd and on the odd occasion 2nd, but the other team members are either squabbling amongst themselves or they just drop out because they cant finish in the top 6, a lot of them seem to only be able to drive fast on straights and rely on ramming or riding barriers to corner, but because its a street scene race there are no barriers so they constantly miss checkpoints. So it gets very frustrating for anyone who is actually trying to play as a team.

I’m available (I’m a very good driver) to help you winning the trial, if you want contact me.