We all know about forza’s upgrade system. But what happens in this game now with dynamic weather. What will happen to the racing slicks?

Slicks get slicker? That’s what I’m thinking.

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Except if they don’t put slick in game and the higher tires are “high performance”

I can see them getting rid of slicks. (Brace yourselves. Rage posts incoming!).

I can see them gimping the physics to provide unrealistic traction. (Brace yourselves. Rage posts incoming!).

I can see them making it realistic, and getting caught out with slicks becomes a very bad thing in the rain. (Brace yourselves. Rage posts incoming!).

Hmmmm. Only one thing I’m sure of. Brace yourselves. Rage posts incoming on release.


Yeah, I don’t see a universal “Win” here.

braces for Rage Posting

My bets are on option B, especially when it comes to driving off-road during a storm.

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Rain tires?

I had a friend that used to deliver pizza for Papa John’s in his 300zx on Et streets. He always said, ‘‘if you cant drive it in the rain and snow you shouldnt be driving it at all.’’ 10.90s, promise your pizza wouldnt
get cold.

Slicks in the rain sound great fun

Rally tyres are so useful in Forza Horizon.

I hope they keep them for Horizon 2 and maybe even add drag tyres.

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Well as we have a choice of tyres already I guess there will not be much change to be honest.
You don’t change tyres in real life when it rains so why in game ??

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So your driving around with you highly tuned race tuned car and suddenly it rains. Your running on race slicks. Tell me how are you changing the tires on the side of the road? With that racing weight reduction, I’m sure that removed the jack and spare tire (tyre). Do you have a Pit crew following you everywhere you go? All Im saying is that, of the tire compounds that have been in the Forza franchise that we know of are Stock, Street, Sport, Race Slicks, Drag Slicks, Rally. I believe that they might be removing the slicks from the game.

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This…We cant even get to use pits in Forza 5 nevermind the more arcade orientated Horizon games

Easy. You press start, open the map screen. Select the garage and choose ‘fast travel’. Change your tires. Ta-da!

I’d like to think there are enough Horizon Outposts that you don’t have to resort to that kind of thing.

Well, this is true. My point was that, unlike the real world, videogames give us the opportunity to avoid questions like “how do you change tires in the middle of a rain storm?”.

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Not sure why everyone is quoting me ?
My point was that the tyre issues raised are not really issues.
Someone stated that you set cars up for specific situations anyway.
These are all road cars after all.
Your all really guessing with the weather scenario just from a “leaked report”.
So will they included studded tyres for instance.

[Mod Edit - Drag radials in FH2? thread merged - MM]
Do you guys think there will be? I’m assuming since there are off road vehicles such as the Ram Runner, Raptor, ect. that there will be rally/off road spec tires. Just wondering if there will be drag tires…

There should be drag radials, I don’t think they’ll remove it just because of rain. If they remove it then you’ll have a bunch of babies whining because of no traction when the sun is out