Tire pressures???

Just wondering what tire pressure people are using for FM5? In forza 4 I would almost always use 29.5 front, and 29.0 rear; it would usually give me a warm tire pressure of 32/33 (based on my driving). In FM5 however, I have noticed using that same tire pressure in cold tires they jump to around 37psi. For me and my driving style, this causes problems before the first lap is over and done with (back end loses traction easier, so I have to be more conservative with my throttle inputs on corner exit). I aim to have a warm tire pressure of 32 in all my racing/hotlap cars, and to get to that I am having a cold tire pressure of 27psi at the moment. What warm tire pressure do you all aim for? what is actually the best warm tire pressure in Forza 5?

lalyrn – I am new to Forza and still learning so take this with a grain of salt (sort of speak). I set them at 28psi initially and use telemetry. I shoot for about 34 to 34.5 psi when hot (about 4 laps worth). Hope this helps.

27-28psi cold seems to be the happy zone.

I read between 32 and 35 warm somewhere, may have been worm? I don’t know.

I go for around the 32 mark or as near to it as possible for a base set up, if anything I would go for more rather than less if I can’t get bang on 32. This normally means on tuning I would take my tires down to around 27 ish. I will always get the tires warm before making any adjustments and checking the telemetry. I will always make the tires lower in the front or back depending on the car been FWD or RWD etc just to get the most grip out of the tires. It not in every case but most and its normally .5 less.

ONR Roadrunner’s got a great guide up if you want to use math. I used to use 32lbs warm as a rule but found I was quicker using Roadrunners guide. It tends to have fronts in the 29-30 range cold and rears around 27.

he’s got a damping formula as well.

1st, Roadrunner is awesome. This is no insult.
2nd, calculating tire pressure that way gives all kinds of silly and inappropriate results. Not always. Heck maybe it is good 70% of the time. But believe me, lately I have been tuning for hours every day for weeks trying to learn. I AM getting somewhere. And both of those calculators slowed my progress. At first, slapped those calculated figures on a couple cars I was lost on, and I went WOW its better! Then as I kept learning and coming back each day, I realized that they were FAR from what I needed. Take those calculations and tune calculators with a grain of salt and maybe just as a starting point (which may not be good at all). They literally are based on weight distribution. They are formulas designed by trial and error to produce numbers that fall within the set range for tire pressure and rebound. They don’t account for track, downforce, or other settings.

Check this out…
Front TP = WD% / 10 + 24 (round to nearest .5) with 53% WD it would be 53/10… 5.3+24… 29.3 round up to 29.5.
Rear TP = 47% / 10 + 24… 4.7 + 24… 28.7… round down to 28.5
DONT use this. I literally just made it up to make a point.

Yeah I see what you mean with any formula you’re looking at hitting the ideal range. Its probably really good for some poor for some and decent for most. What helped me the most with the guide was (this is probably strictly for RWD) but having about 2 psi more in your front tires. I aim for around 32 in the rears and give the front an extra 1.5 or 2 depending on my mood. Is this a big no-no? I think I’m quicker with it this way but its hard to tell what’s the tune and what’s my driving. I only drive RWD not sure if it would be beneficial for AWD or FWD

Since Fm1, I’ve been running them at 32 psi when hot.

My race tyres are usually 27.5 - 28 psi cold depending on the weight of the car. I shoot for 32.5 ish hot. I used to target 32 but found that the variation between tracks was leaving me with cold tyres on some occasions. I’ve found some tunes around where the tyres are only good for a handful of laps before they overheat. Once you get above 35.5 or so you start to lose grip, contact profile or compliance (maybe all) which can make lockups under braking a lot easier to bring on, and also gives a much sharper limit before they let go generally. Targeting mid 32s gives plenty of headroom to cope with transient temp spikes through erm … lousy or enthusiastic driving, but still keeps you well within the optimum grip band.

33.5-34 psi has been working well on most of my tunes. All of the races are so short in career and the lobby’s not much of a worry about pressures getting to high. That just may be my driving style or skill level though.

27-28 cold/ 33-34 warm. (most of my cold temps are 28 and 28.5 warm tire are around 33.5 ( I am not an tuner)) But that is what has worked for me.


I start around 28~29psi cold as a default,…and adjust for a 32~34psi hot temp.

Lower classed cars take a little longer to warm up, so on shorter races an extra half psi or so doesn’t hurt.
The rear tires of a FWD car can take a while to heat up too, an extra psi or so there is fine as well.

Hard to say what’s best, I honestly have a hard time feeling the difference. I do know that just about everything being released around here and in the sharefront has been 30/28.5 cold. Another curious thing I recently noticed is nobody’s changing their front camber from default, just turning the rear way up.

Is your suspension calculator updated for Forza 5? If I’m aiming for 32/32 I base at 27/27, For 33/33 or a little more I base 28/28. I’ve always been a die hard 32/32 man, but F5 physics, for some reason, seem to drive better in the 33 range.

Stock. 30/30 is fine.

Thanks for the reply’s everyone, much appreciated.