Tips for the new update

Can you make it a Little More realistic like för an example you have to fill up youre Car on gasoline or diesel when it’s low and that it costs like 20cr/liter and like when you’re engine breaks that you have to buy new parts

20cents a litre? Where do you live lol

Honestly I always felt that since some of the cars in Horizon 4 and 5 had working clocks and working fuel gauges it would be nice to have to fill up your car with fuel from time to time. Just for want of something to do in the game world.

OP wants it to cost 20 CR per litre in game.

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Yeah nah not keen on this but each to their own.

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ok and how much time should the electric charging take?

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Imagine if this was implemented. You just finish repairing your car for 100k and within a minute a troll totals your car by smashing into the side of it. Or you go to do a danger sign and when your car lands it’s completely destroyed lol. Btw is fast travel disabled?

You just finished repairing your Maserati 8CTF and are casually cruising back to the festival when a wall of Tankpools suddenly coverge on you. :smile: