Tips for driving the Hoonigan Ford Focus

I will preface this with the fact that I am not a fantastic driver. I can usually place in the top half of the grid on Highly Skilled with no assists.

I’m trying to tackle the Ken Block One-on-One showcase in the Seeker Cup of the single player career. But I’m having a heck of a time driving the Hoonigan Ford Focus. I’ll admit that i have difficulty with cars above A class, but never as bad as what’s happening with the Hoonigan.

Mostly I’m having trouble with braking before corner entry. The brakes feel way too weak or they suddenly lock up and I’m skidding into the barrier. I guess that’s kind of expected for an R class drift-focused car, but I’ve never had this much trouble with other high powered vehicles .

Any tips or unique driving aspects I should keep in mind for this car?

The Ken Block 1v1 with the RX43 Focus is a bit of a pain, likely due to the skinny tires (something like 225mm or so) and it’s horrendous understeer. My best advice would be to use braking only line, start braking while it’s still yellow and maybe tap the handbrake on turn-in for tighter turns (basically anything less than ~100°), I usually tap the handbrake once the line is orangey-red then steer hard into the turn while give it full throttle which usually induces a 4-wheel drift. BTW, I play on Pro difficulty with No TCS/ABS/STM, Normal Steering, Manual W/O clutch, on an Afterglow Prismatic Controller (offers sensitive triggers, basically allows you to fire Semi-Auto’s like Full-Auto’s in CoD: WW2 and the ability to carefully put down power in an Ultima 1020 on Street Tires).

Alternatively, you might try doing a test drive in free play with damp or wet track conditions for practice to get a feel for sliding a gymkhana car.

Thanks for the detailed response!

Sounds like I might have to actually use the handbrake and squeal the tires a bit. I’m terrible at drifting, but it looks like a little burnt rubber might be the only way to tackle this one.