Tips for credits?

Anyone got any tips on how to make credits?

Instead of Goliath, I do either cross country circuits or scramble circuits with about 10, 20 or 30 laps in all offroad class. For some reason the AI seems to be less skilled with offroaders than with regular road cars, so you won’t have to worry too much about losing. When I do the scramble race north of the Outback I can yield 200k credits per 20 lap race if I use the double down perk and use the Ford Raptor HE (credit boost). The XP also helps as you can get big winnings from the wheelspins, particularly if you got the VIP DLC too.

If you’re good at head to heads then you can go against bounty drivatars which can give you 50k credits, or 78k credits if you use a credit boost HE car. It’ll take some patience by not spending, but shortly your wallet will balloon to millions…

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  1. Join a club, as you earn xp in a club you get cr payouts.
  2. Just race a lot, I got to well over level 1000 bought every car and am currently sitting on 100mill+ credits, simply by putting in time and effort and racing a lot.
  3. Some people grind on Goliath or in blueprinted Bucket list challenges, I really didn’t but its a thing you can do. You can use perks and HE cars to raise the cr you earn.
  4. I’ve been told you can earn a lot in Online Adventure but I’ve only done like 3 in total and didn’t try because I just wanted to get a Forzathon challenge done.
    As a bonus here’s some advice, focus more on the xp and leveling up as opposed to earning credits, leveling up earns you wheelspins and club payouts and before you know it you are swimming in credits.
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