Tip: How to unlock the bugged "Wash for 20 seconds" daily challenge in the playlist

You’re supposed to post a clean lap on any rivals event, however, that does not work.

To unlock it, challenge a rival who has a flagged lap, hit a wall as you’re driving so your own lap is also flagged, then make sure you beat your rival. When you exit back out to the free roam, it will unlock.


Thx, works here

Doesn’t work. Only way was to do clean lap.

It does sometimes work. I got it with just one dirty lap, on a circuit and class I haven’t posted a time before, so that might be one reason.

thanks SigmaTheDJ, that worked for me too :+1:

Thanks man worked for me👍 Any tips on how to unlock the ‘Crowd-Pleaser’ challenge if you’ve already completed all the showcases?

Lose the race, worked for me

Yep. Do the one where you race against the train and come second instead of winning and it will unlock.

you need to lose, ie come 2nd

thanks worked for me as well

Isn’t this ironic?

This “bug” explains the whole game

Didn’t work for me, sadly.

I did this one last night and it worked. Coming second place in a showcase also worked for the other one. Ridiculous that we have to use the work arounds but hopefully they get it fixed soon and don’t mess up our progress while doing it…

Thanks, that also worked for me too

After doing 15+ clean laps…doing that 1 dirty lap and beating the rival actually popped the daily for me. Thanks for this!

Thanks for this also!