Timed race bug using custom route

Add this to the list because this is an egregious oversight :

If you blueprint a race using one of your custom routes, and set it as a timed race, you’ll always finish 8th… No matter what.
You win ? 8th. You’re last ? 8th. You’re 8th ? Bang on. 8th.

I mean… That’s a bit weird isn’t it ?

This, couple with the fact that you have to test drive EVERY TIME YOU MAKE AN EVENT USING YOUR OWN ROUTE, makes the replayability worse than in FH4.

Up. It’s a serious issue and no ones talking about it…

Quick Question - when the race starts, are you in 8th position? Looks like you finish exactly where you start, without fail, every time.

And having to re-test (and re-test and re-test) your routes for any small change is HORRIBLE. At the very least, can you make the test race pay-off in credits? This is awful, huge step backwards from the FH4 Route Creator.