Time comparison between GT6 and FM5?

Is there anyone who have done a time comparison between GT6 and FM5? Is fair do this or will one game produce significant better times with the same car on the same track? Or is this dependent on which car and track you compare?

The time difference between lap times on both games doesn’t mean that one is better then the other. You have to remember that they both run different physics models and the track accuracy differs between games as well

My money’s on Forza.

I’ve never seen this kind of comparison, but what would be the point? I guess if you raced stock cars (say the 458) on the Top Gear Track, you could see which is closer to the real life Stig time. Or maybe GTR lap times on the Nurburgring - but there is also a lot of driver skill involved here which would be difficult to compare.

There’s not much point in racing upgraded cars since the PI/PP levels don’t necessarily have any parity. I supposed you could see which game lets you build a faster top speed car or something as well.

I can’t understand anyone still playing GT6 if they own FM5.

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Maybe because for an unfinished game it’s still more finished than FM5

Maybe because it has loads more track content including night and day transition on most tracks…

Maybe because it still feels more sim than forza even if it’s last gen.

Maybe because the replays look better…

In all honesty I have gone back to GT6 as FM5 is boring me, I loved it at first but it has grown stale. There is a lot wrong with GT6 I am not trying to kid anyone, but for me it still holds my interest, even hot lapping is more fun. I just wish they would fix the damn sounds! Forza might have a lot more calculations going on under the hood but it still doesn’t feel like it, that’s the problem and with speed limited steering on turn in even in ‘simulation’ mode I have had enough!

Don’t grill me for this it’s just my own personal opinion, of course Forza looks prettier and sounds a lot better but it doesn’t do a better job of simulating driving which is what I am after!


I can’t understand anyone playing GT6 if they own FM4.

I was a GT fanboy for years. I wouldn’t even let anything try to tempt me away from it. I pestered my local gamestop to midnight release GT6 last December just so I could get a leg up. Then my wife got me a XB1 w/ FM5 LCE for Christmas and I was blown away. I tried to pick up and play GT6 again and I just couldn’t. Then I played FM4 at a friends house and immediately went out and picked up the Horizon 360 Bundle and nabbed FM4 CE off Ebay(Spanish version for $30). I’ve put in nearly as much time into FM4 as FM5 and I’ve tried again several times to play GT6 again. For me FM4 kills it visually and the physics aren’t really comparable. There are a lot of people who have that same bias and I feel for them. I missed a lot of game time by having Gran Turismo tunnel vision.

The reason för my question is if I could compare my times on FM5 with others on GT6 and not a question which is “best”.

do you mean to compare which game is best or which driver is best?

I enjoy both games equally

I know gt6 lap times were faster than fm4 but haven’t played my ps3 since I bought fm5. The lap times in fm4 were insanely slow in comparison but fm5 seems pretty similar in lap times to gt6. Certainly my Norshleiffe times are very similar to gt6, now whereas fm4 seemed unusually slow when switching between games and using similarly spec’d cars.

I feel exactly the opposite. I didn’t buy Xbox one at first and got GT6 instead. I got bored really quick. The frame rate issues on some tracks were really frustrating. Graphics in GT6 aren’t bad - especially the day night transitions and I like the Motorsports simulation with animated pit stops and pit stop strategy and tire types. - Especially when you through the rain into the mix. However i sold my PS3 and GT6 and wheel when after several updates (that were slow to come) didn’t fix the pit stop bug. (if you or anyone doesn’t know - after you pit in an online race your lap times go up by about 2 sec per lap! really this ruins all pit strategy since most racers in my league learned to wait till the last lap for their required pit stop. The frame rate issues were annoying but the pit bug ruined endurance racing for me so I moved back to Forza 5 and I’m still loving this game!

But yes -replays are better in GT5 and GT6. (don’t even look at replays in Horizon.)

I tested the unmodified LFA, on buses by default. used a sequential gearbox. helpers off. auto clutch off.
fanatec gt2 in gt6, TX at F5.
and surprising, but the lap time on the Nurburgring GP coincided to a second! in this case it seems that the F5 brakes are more powerful and arcade.

GT6 physics and times are more accurate with a proper wheel setup. Forza is too oversteer happy and has terrible RWD physics.

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GT6 tire physics are awful, almost no progression from grip to slip.

And where is the lift off oversteer, it’s almost non existent in GT5 and 6.

FM5 physics ain’t perfect, that’s a given but compared to GT5 and 6 the difference is night and day.