Time Attack UK, Pro Extreme Class. I no longer need these paints

I’m exploring the idea of running a small 5 race championship that I intend on running a few times because only 10 people can enter at a time and I need some paints, 9 in total. I can do them myself but if I do do them all I’m concerned it’s going to take too long. So…,

Would any painters like to help out. All the cars I need are listed further down this thread. I’ll post pics every time I complete one. I have shared all my TimeAttack UK sponsor logos for tracing to make it easier.


I really would appreciate any help and of course those who help get offered a space in the championship.

Thank you


What sort of thing are you looking for and what is the time frame for completion?

Ok the 9 cars are all the Pro Extreme Class cars that have competed at least once in this years UK Time Attack Season. As we speak I’m just doing Marcus Websters R32. They all have to be their 2014 designs.

Dead line is ASAP really the quicker I can get it going the better you know. I have many of the Time Attack Sponsor decals already shared for tracing. There’s also a guys Facebook page that contains a ton of photos as he takes the photos for the UK Time Attack website.

Olly Clarks Impreza 08 is already done.

I’m happy to do them all but it might take me a little while lol. I haven’t yet checked to see if anyone else has already done any I’m just checking as I go. There’s a Lancia S4 to do, I need someone with excellent body kit skills to attempt that one as well.

There’s a VW Beetle, Evo 6, 2 Evo 8’s, TVR Sagaris, 22B, and Audi S3 to do also.


post a full list of cars and pics of the paints you want and when you need them and I’ll see if I have time

The cars plus a couple of photos.

  1. Gareth Lloyd-SVA Imports Evo 6
    Use the Evo 6 in game

  2. Granville Taylor-VW Beetle
    Use VW Beetle in game

  3. Andy Dimitriou - Evo 8 Black Mamba
    Use Evo 8 in game

  4. Peter Pentell - Lancia Delta
    Use Lancia Delta S4 in game

  5. Simon Norris - Norris Designs Evo 8
    Use Evo 8 in game

  6. Evert Thomas - Audi S2
    Use in Audi S3 in game

    Only side photo, just improvise with Time Attack decals if you can’t find one

  7. Andy Forest - Subaru Impreza
    Use 22B in game

  8. Tim Hood - TVR Sagaris
    Use TVR Sagaris in game

Those are the cars I need all builds should have forza aero.
I don’t need them perfect just looking good.

Anyone wanna do one of these?

mmmmm, that’s a lot of logo work. I’ll see if I have time Sunday.

Even if it’s just one of them it certainly helps a lot.



Ill post up here when I start a new one so everyone knows which are getting done and anyone else who wants to do one do the same.

Love these cars they look mental, that beetle lol :open_mouth:

Luckily I have most the decals done but crikey that doesn’t mean there’s still not a lot of work there

Not too far away from completing Marcus Websters R32


Its a shame FH2 is coming or i’d help out as wanted to paint a Time Attack car too
I dont want to say yes and let you down but if i get time and can help will let you know


Thanks AB,

There’s no time pressure and in actual fact I’m now thinking of just letting participants make there own with a set of mandatory sponsors. Just getting it all together.