tier points

i started a new game save last sunday to make sure i had tier points now i know it takes up to 48 hours to update but my miles driven and ganme level is not registering after a week of play. itr has my gamer score and other acheivments. i have had people tell me thishappens and snow owl said to make sure i playing inline and i am. pleease help why is my driver level and miles driven not adding up even ,y progress on fms2 is registering. and some on fms3 but not this game can an admin please contact me.

forzafb@microsoft.com - you will get an auto reply and may not ever get anything else (direct or indirect).

The rewards system is broken and you are not alone but we are all in the same boat until T10 fix the system properly - which could be never.

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my miles driven and level are not updating as well. Kinda sucks, want to try and get my rewards level as high as possible.

I’m in the same boat as you guys, days played updates or some other stuff but not my level. I have most of my other games almost maxed out but not F4.

Having probs also, F4 i played offline while moving houses way back,finished year 10 ,finally got a copy recently and been playing online to try get my Forza tier 9, also got Horizon 1 and that has major reward tier problems also

Driver Level, Miles Driven,Perfect Passes are all broken and on 0

No chance im getting tier 9 unless i play Apex and im not buying a decent gfx card anytime soon

finally. after 6 weeks of playing my fms4 driver level and miles driven have updated, amen. i dont know if they jsut got around to fixxing it or a p m to an admin either way thank god