Tier 9

No car for Tier 9? Seems bit weird, and disappointing, you reach the top tier and get nothing for it.

have you checked into forza rewards and clicked collect then checked your messages in forza? maybe not a car but i’m sure you get something.

Nope, just the extra money to make it the full half mil.

You’ve never received cars as a Tier reward mid-game. I’m sure if another game comes out and you are Tier 9 then you may receive a bonus car, until then you only get an extra half million credits across 5 games.

You play the game, and every week Turn10 simply hands you 500,000 CR in FM6, FM5, FM4, FH2, and FH1 and you’re complaining about it?

Remember when you played the game and all you got was credits based on the position you finished?..

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You can buy one with the credits t10 gives you every week.
What did you expect exactly? A free car every week or just 1 when you first reached tier 9?