Tier 9 rewards only getting 50000

last 2 times I’ve only received 50000. I used to get around 225000. What’s happening?

If i go to rewards i went from 100 or 125k to 50k rewards now, maybe they lowered it.

That sounds like the amount extra you would get if you went up to the next tier
Not the actual amount you receive

How about posting a screenshot

rewards screen

Would have to wait before i can confirm what i will get tomorrow in the actual ingame message.

Here it also says it should be 125k cr, and from what i can remember it is what i got when i redeemed my rewards previously.

I can confirm the same. I just went up to tier 8, and now all my rewards listed will be 50k each. I hope this is a bug, and not in prepration for microtransaction/store.

Those are rewards for reaching the next Tier only.

They are not your weekly rewards.

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So i asked my friend on xbox and he went from 100k (tier 5) to 25k in the rewards screen, i asked him to redeem the reward and the in-game message was that he actually got a credit reward, well you guessed it…25.000cr

If you really want a screenshot you have to wait a few more hours, my reward screen is still on 1 day left :confused:

Yeh get a screenshot before you redeem
After you redeem and then one ingame when you actually claim the credits
That 50k is what you get extra when you go up a tier
Your friend probably went up a low level tier so only went up 25k
And if you do it mid week before the Friday you are supposed to get that difference which would explain his 25k

But anyway for some reason the whole system isnt updating correctly and its taking some people weeks even months for their rewards to be correct

You are right about the rewards screen. There is an actual 125k cr reward visible now that i can redeem.

I have redeemed it and now all my gamescore is gone from the rewards screen + friend compare shows 0 points for all my friends. Seems like this Rewards page is just bugged, in the Main Discussion forums there are more people having similiar issues.

I have taken screenshots of my current ingame balance and will edit it in later, even though i redeemed the credits and it said Credit reward available+ message center has 1 new message…there is no message at all. It says it could take up to 4 hours to receive it so, lets wait for a bit…again :). Will edit in the screenshots later when i got the rewards (if i get them <3).

Edit: Dont know what is up with the message center but now it doesnt even show anything at all. My auction house message has also arrived (put up a car +1 hour ago) but nothing is being shown :/.

Edit2: The whole message screen behaves absolutely ridiculous…If i click on tabs with the mouse nothing shows, if i use the characters to switch between the tabs the message pops out…

Video to show the message screen weirdness + money add up

Final conclusion, i got my 125.000cr. I was wrong, but both the game and the rewards screen are not without faultyness. I urge people claiming its not working to also double check.

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how do I post screenshot?

Quote someone, this will take you to a non fast reply variant with more options for your post (you can remove the quoted text).

You can use http://www.imgur.com to upload screenshots. Attach them to your post with this icon (or even easier download a browser plugin, for example i use Gyazo.com)