Tier 12 Rewards

Have been Tier 12 for months now in rewards but still getting Tier 11 credits amounts. When is this going to be fixed? It may have been mentioned umpteen times, and people may get upset but it is an issue and so needs resolving so sorry to all the haters. Just want the credits I am due each cycle!

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Here’s the main thread on the issue

I’m on tier 5 and haven’t received any rewards

Also you’re not “due” any credits. They’re given to you as a gesture of goodwill from the developers, but they don’t “owe” you anything.
I’ve been waiting for months for Tier upgrade but as i’m getting more than enough, i’m not that fussed.
Perhaps if you are more gracious in your posts all the “haters” won’t come in here bashing you.
Just a thought.

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