Tier 12 not rewarding correct amount.

Hi Turn 10.

I’ve been a tier 12 now for about 4 months. When I leveled up from tier 11 to tier 12, I expected to get 500 000 creds instead of 425 000 creds from the forza rewards weekly. But instead, it stayed at 425 000 creds, and is still stuck there. Also, tier 11 and 12 badge isn’t unlocked for me in game, don’t really care so much about that, but just want to see if you guys can perhaps see what is happening to my rewards.
Thank you.

Badbrains B78


Those badges don’t unlock, those we’re loyalty rewards. As for the credits for correct tier, it’s an exclusive club, welcome to the wait.


Although I have the same problem, bumping isn’t the answer

Use their email, no one here can help you


Also know that it’s a known issue that they aren’t magically going to fix for you. Bump or no bump.

They never answer their email, and I’ve gotten help from here before.

If you are expecting an answer from that email as quick/often as you bump this thread, well, that’s not how it works. That’s not how any of this works.

But good luck.

Same here I get 425,000 as well. For months. Lots of Tier 12’s have the same issue. Good job on making it to 12. They are aware of it. An extra 75,000 a week doesn’t mean much anyway. When they add Tier 13 for H4 it might get fixed. Not sure if that’s been announced but they usually add a Tier when a new game comes out.

There is no tier 12 badge as it was removed when they realized it was never possible to get…since you had to be tier 12 before fm7 was released which was actually impossible

Bumping a repeatedly answered thead topic will just get you a holiday from the forum

I have the same issue.

I sure hope that it wont affect our Tier 12 perks for FH4.