Tier 11

I turned tier eleven,Why is tier 11 badge still locked?

Because the Tier 11 badge and other loyalty rewards are only unlocked depending on your tier level when you first start playing FM7.

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Which is why no one will ever get the tier 12 badge since it was impossible to be tier 12 before fm7 started

Which makes absolutely no sense…

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Yep they never thought the badges out too well
No one will ever get the tier 12 badge under the current system

yeah you would have thought that’yd have made that one unlockable at least

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I get 350.000 Credits in Forza Hub weekly like on Tier 10. I remember when I was already on 400.000 credits before it was reset (between FH2 and FM6 ?!) But no progress when being promoted is a bit disappointing.

There is a delay. They are aware. They’re not going to fix it. They tell us we have to wait.

Source: there are other threads on this subject here already.

Thanks guys for that information