Thursday Night Thunder - Hosted by EZT

Team EZT will be hosting a new event to be held weekly on Thursday nights ( FM4 ) at 8pm est. This is a “for fun” event featuring multiple races across all classes. The lobby will be set up in the User Created Lobbies under the above title, so anyone who wishes to join in may. Our hope is to provide a quality racing atmosphere for those still wishing to race, to reconnect with some old friends, and hopefully make some new one’s. This is a good opportunity to dust off some favorite cars or to race cars that never quite fit into an organized race series.

The format for the night will be simple and straightforward. Lobby settings will be limited damage (just to keep everyone honest and to keep it interesting) and any assists will be allowed. Cars should be, but are not limited to, top of class. Pure stock races are also an open option. The first race of the evening will be host’s choice. The following races will be determined in the following manner: winner of the race will pick either the class or the track for the next race, the last place finisher will pick the other option.

There will be no time limit for the night, and drivers may come and go as they choose, or as time allows. This is meant to emphasize the casual, not so serious racing we did when Forza first started. We hope you will join us for this when you can, and maybe rekindle some of the magic that got us all hooked on this game to begin with!


Note: this weeks event (1/29) may be affected by the impending blizzard due here in the Northeast. We hope to have a lobby open, but please forgive us if it isn’t.

Lobby should be up around 8pm. Hope to see some of you there!!

Thanks to all the drivers who dropped in to race with us last night. We had a good number of drop in’s, some did a few races, others stuck around. All were good drivers and good peeps! Hope to see more of you next week.