Hi, this series run successfully for many seasons on past Forza titles. The races are weekly and last about 45minutes in length. They run with a Pi success ballast, so when you do well your ballast goes down, poorly it goes up. It makes for a very close races with various winners, but also has seen the fastest drivers win the championship.

Full details can be found on the link below and the Team DART facebook page. If you dont have facebook then please drop me a line below. Championship will go live elsewhere in due course.

Thunder Enduro


So what is Thunder Enduro?
It is a racing series run on the Forza games; it ran for a number of seasons on past Forza titles. The races are longer in length and they also have success ballast put into them. The faster drivers win the Championship, but they have to use race craft as well as pace, as the racing gets very closed up from the front of the grid to the back through the season.

How does it work?
You start the season with a set Pi (Performance Index), the last championship ran as 700Pi as a base. As you win races, your Pi goes down; if you finish near the back the Pi goes up. In the last series the Pi was between 650 and 725.

What decides the Pi Change?
Winning a race sees a Pi drop of 30, second sees 25, third 20, and this goes through to 5Pi for 6th. If 14 or more cars are present, the last 5 finisher gain Pi, so 14th would be able to add 25, down to 10th place adding 5Pi. These Pi’s are for the car for the next race. No one can go below a level, say 650, or above 725. The PI’s for next week are shared within 24 hours of the race finishing.

Sounds Complicated?
It isn’t, all is listed for you straight away, giving you at least a week to build and test a car with any changes.

What happens if I can’t get dead on a PI?
The Pi is a maximum, not a set target. So if you are listed at 690, you must be 690 or below. If your car doesn’t go to the minimum Pi it will be disqualified of all past points and you will need to pick a new one. So check it does before the season starts.

What happens if I miss a round?
If you have already raced, you use the same Pi that was given to you in your last round. Missing rounds does not see a Pi rise. If you miss the first round(s), you will then have to start as the same Pi as the lowest car listed.

How many rounds in the Championship?
10 round Championship. Races 2 to 9 will be with the variable Pi, but at rounds 1 and 10 everyone runs as 700Pi, except the bottom 5 in the championship at the last round, they will run at 705 to 725. To qualify in the bottom 5 you must have done 8 or more rounds.

How Many races and Length of them?
One Thunder Enduro round a week, lasting around 45minutes in length. A support race runs before though that is a short 10minute race in length.

Do I have to Pit?
No you don’t, due to the length of the races; all pitting is up to you. Think you can do 24 laps of Spa on one set of tyres, then go for it.

Can I use any car?
You can, as long as it can be altered within the maximum and minimum Pi’s. Also a team must run the same car, and each team must run a car not already selected (First to enter on the series page will get the car they want). All cars must have maximum tyre widths, race exhaust, race tyres and Forza areo for the whole season. Also when entering, the aspiration (turbo/non turbo) of the engine and drive train must be registered and cannot then change. Everything else can be altered within the Pi for the car.

How do the points work out?
Points are given for race position, but also bonus points are given for leading a lap, fastest clean lap and also beating a car with a higher Pi.

Do you have a team championship?
Yes we do. The team winner is based on adding the race time together of the two team cars. Then that total time is halved to give the team time. Points are awarded on these positions. Teams though do get bonuses for PI overtaking and fastest laps. The team do not run the same Pi, only the driver does that. If a teammate cannot show up (or disconnects mid race) leaving you with one car, the time of the single driver will be added to the slowest driver from another team and divided by two. That way teams don’t lose out completely with someone unable to show. Don’t forget the Joker round. 24 slots are available on the grid, and these are taken at a first come basis. If a team fails to enter for two consecutive weeks, then there place becomes available.

What’s the Joker round?
Every team and Independent can play a joker between round 3 and round 9. In that the points for the team / independent are doubled at the one round. You must call your Joker within 24 hours of the race starting.

Can an Independent take part?
We don’t have an independent as such, all enter the team Championship. This is why the two driver teams have the total time divided by two. The disadvantage is an independent doesn’t qualify for bonus points or get any points if they don’t race. Unless of course they become a two car team midseason. From that point they follow the same rules and benefits of the two car team listed before.

Can Teammates Change?
They can once only, but only before the start of round 7. They cannot make a second change or revert back to the original driver.

Dropped Scores, AM and PRO?
No AM or Pro championships. The PI’s even up the grid and equalizer many of the speed differences. No dropped scores either, all 10 rounds will count.

Just a Teams and Drivers Championship then?
No, we have the Pi champion, based on the driver who has beaten the most cars of a lower Pi, and also the support Champion. Fastest lap winner as well. This is the fastest clean laps added together through the season. Anyone with an unclean lap, get the slowest clean lap plus 110% added together for their time. Anyone missing around get the slowest clean lap plus 150% added to their time.

How is the Grid Set?
The grid is based on the results of the support race before. The winner of that starts on Pole, with the rest of the finishing order behind. Anyone who does not take part in that will start behind them, and those positions based on the Championship order.

What are the Support Champion / Race?
It’s a short quick race in equal cars. Two weeks before a race, the car tune will be shared and everyone will run in that. The car will be different every week. This has its own championship, and is used to set up the grid. No teams title for this, just an outright drivers Champion. If you don’t want to take part in the support race its fine, you can still run in the Enduro.

When does this Start and what night?
The aim is to start in May sometime if the interest is present, the night though will be agreed by those taking part and will not be on the same night as the following; HMS Monday Series, THORS Wednesday or PK Motorsport Friday series.

I take it that the Championship will have a site to run off?
It will and that will be listed soon. The points and Pi will be shared within 24hours of a race finishing. A full race report will be published every week of each round round. The hope is for a small video highlights package to support as well. We will also have regular meet the teams and drivers hosted as well.

Who runs the Championship and administrates it?
The Championship is being looked after by team DART at the moment, they will continue to list the points and Pi each week. As for the Admins, that will be those taking part to admin themselves and full details of how all that works will be given before the season starts.

Any other question, then please ask. :slight_smile: