Thrustmater TX Wheel Help

Okay, so I’ve been attempting to race with the wheel now for the past 6 hours or so and I think I’ve completed only a handful of CLEAN laps. For instance, I would take the Abarth around Bernese Alps Festival Circuit and if the rear end even hints towards sliding out from me, I’m gone into the wall. Braking for the left hand turn directly after the long downhill is nigh impossible to do clean. Car veers off to the left almost immediately. This isn’t the only car that I’ve been driving in the past hours. Everything wants to just go around in circles and run into walls. I don’t even turn the wheel that much. Anyone have any help with how to control this thing, the wheel that is. I’m perfectly fine with the controller, no problems.

Thanks in advance.

It just takes time to get used to the wheel and learn not to over correct it too much. One thing you can do is adjust the settings in game for the wheel. Generally anyone will tell you to set your deadzones to 0-100 for everything and then it’s just up to feel what you like as for the rumble setting and force feedback setting. I set my rumble to 85% and my FFB to 63%. Also, the degrees of rotation is up to you and what feels best. Everyone runs that differently. I set mine to 360 DOR, but I’ve been thinking about trying 540 and see if I like the feel of it. And remember, when braking, progressive braking, not just slamming on the brakes. I’ve found that it’s about 80% for maximum braking without lock up.

I guess it’s just interesting that I can run top 100 times on some tracks. Then I’ll take the same car and tune I ran with and it feels like I lose all grip and spin out when I’m gliding through a turn at only 50 miles an hour without trying. I’ll keep at it then.