Thrustmaster Wheel Settings Revisited

First, I appologize if I am missing the thread on this - with the new forum I was not sure where to find the old info. Anyway, I finally got my Thrustmaster wheel last evening, updated the firmware, and played a little FM5. I haven’t made any changes other that to set the force feedback at 75% in the in-game menu and also set it to 360 in the same menu. Not sure what settings are optimal but I would be interested in anyone has any settings they swear by. I actually was good with the wheel right out of the box but want to be sure I’m getting the most out of it. Also, I notice that if you leave the wheel plugged in the fan runs constantly even if the xbox is turned off. Is that normal? I just plan on unplugging the wheel when I am not using it so I assume that is fine. Thanks guys!


Information in the old forums is available here:

Hello David,
sorry if my english it’s not good, in any case I would inform you that it’s normal that the fan runs even the xbox is turned off, in this case you can wait about 3-4 minutes before to turn off the console, you can see that the fan will turn off .
Unplug the weel when you don’t use it it’s good, but remember that when you will connect the wheel again you will loose the setting of the steering angle (default 900 degrees) in the game.

My wheel setting is…all 0 - 100

Force feedback 45 and 540 degrees


Great! Thanks to both of you. Stefano, your English is fine. I appreciate your help! See you on the track :slight_smile: