Thrustmaster TX wheel HELP

I need to ask you guys on the forum because I’m not sure if it’s a technical problem, or maybe I’m doing something wrong.

When using manual shifting in Forza Motorsport 5 with the Paddle shifters on the TX wheel it keeps changing the Wheel degree rotation EVERYTIME I shift with the paddles. The MODE light also flashes Red and Green when this happens and I cannot find a solution to this problem. It becomes very frustrating especially when I am racing with the Lotus F1 car and making turns at high speed and then all of a sudden the Degree Rotation will change and completely disorientate me and I drive off the track. This problem doesn’t happen when I race with automatic settings though I noticed, only when I race with Manual. But I am not a fan of automatic shifting.

Any help would be appreciated as I only have had this wheel for just a month.

The easiest thing would probably be to download a demo of or play another racing game and try the wheel there. I think Horizon 2 has a demo. If you have a capable PC there are a ton of sims with much better wheel support than anything on Xbox as well.

To change the DOR normally you need to hit the MODE bottom and left or right on the d pad. That’s really odd that pulling a shift paddle would represent a multi button function. Have you hooked it to a pc and used the Thrustmaster control panel to see if it functions there correctly?

Ok I noticed something else.
When I start racing the Red MODE Light starts to flash instead of remaining a solid Red light.

I tried playing on FH2 and the same problem happens.
I just contacted Thrustmaster

Flashing MODE red means auto clutch is on.
Does it flash green 1,2,3 or 4 times while your problem is happening? That indicates the DOR is changing.

Yes it does flash green when it happens.

Okay I found out the real problem.
The wheel sensitivity changes when I press on the paddle shifters not the DOR.
But the sensitivity changes when I’m not holding the Mode button so this must be a issue with the base.