Thrustmaster TX settings?

Hello all, my wheel is a Thrustmaster TX Leather.

My car always loose grip on turns.

Anyone can share their wheel setting on xbox?

Thank you so much

Salut, ajoute mon GT ANNABI233 comme ça je te règle ton volant est je t’explique bien comme il faut . Envoie un message Xbox one pour vous ajouter dans ma liste . Ensuite ont se capte pour les réglages. À bientôt.

Recently got a real wheel to use, a thrust master TX.
What a par-lava !
Advised to get an update for the firmware, so went online with PC.
First thing I am told is do not plug in your Thrustmaster until told to do so.
My PC has no idea about a thrustmaster so there are no ™ icons to find.
So I plug the wheel in to the PC and the wheel has a fit,
Poor thing was having a tantrum.

I want to use the wheel through Xbox, but first need to update it.
Well ! For those of us who are not savy with this that and all that stuff. It took me 5 Hours fumbling about with aborted attempts until the flipin thing finely did the update.
So I pug into xbox, excited with the prospect of having a wheel to use.


It was like driving a Broken Blue Bus, over Brown Boulders Backwards.
What an angry thing this is, wizzing of left then over correcting right. And trying to hold on was laughable.
Eventually found the settings to turn all the Angry stuff OFF.
Then I discover it has a dead zone, Why?
Now it has Two Dead zones, Why twice ?
What on earth do I need a dead zone for?
I want my wheel to turn my wheels thats all……

I am not a formula 1 racing tecnition, nor do I think are 99% of the gaming users. So I am confronted with a myriad of options to figure out.
I think I need to go back to university to learn how this wheel works !
I went online to find out more, only to find some twit unpacking a box, to music.
I suppose thats probably the best thing I can expect from my new wheel. Is to keep putting it back into the box. Then get all exited when I unpack it again. ( Who allows this garbage to be posted online ? Its insane….

Have they concluded that car driving is so dull they have to make it complicated in some other way! Lets make the wheel so hard to figure out you need a degree in dead zone fathomability.

Please if you or you know someone related to Gaming wheel wizkids, please inform them to set the thing up so it at least works out of the box, and not have us jump through countless hoops to get the thing to settle down and not have a tantrum.

All I want is to turn my car, not land on the moon.

I have made a post about helping people enjoy FH with a wheel. Maybe it will help you.