Thrustmaster TX Problem

Hi, I’ve a problem with only FM6.
Although in the settings there are 900 degrees, the wheel works like there are 360 degrees and I spun in many occasion due to a massive oversteer.
Someone has got the same problem?

Multiple recent threads on this… With multiple answers…Just search

I suggest contacting thrustmaster support…LMAO

Only with FM6…

Make sure you don’t have your degrees of rotation set to a lower number than 900 in the wheel itself. Wheel settings done in the hardware always override anything set in Forza.
This video discusses a lot of setup, it’s made with FM5 but the wheel hardware tips still hold: Forza Motorsport 5 / Thrustmaster TX Wheel Setup Tips by Inside Sim Racing - YouTube

To be very specific, make sure that you hadn’t pressed Mode + d-pad to change the setting to anything other than 900 degrees and that you have the latest firmware for the wheel.

Thanks a lot! I will see soon if I will resolve my problem.