When ever I play Horizon 3 with my Thrustmaster TX Wheel Base, Leather Edition Rim, TH8A Shifter and TPA Pedals the game always pauses the game and goes to the next camera!!! It has been doing it ever since I started to play Horizon 3!! Does anyone else have this problem or is it just me because I need a way to get around or I cant use a wheel while I play! D: I’ve got all the new Firmware updates and new drivers to!

Saxon. :slight_smile:

dont bother with a wheel with this game. the wheel physics are so far broken, use a 360 controller

sorry but that’s nonsense. this is the best forza for FFB since forza 3. i put off trying it with my TX after reading this here but it feels fantastic to me. wheel wobbles under heavy braking, gear changes clonk through the wheel, i could feel all bumps, the steering is heavier on the car if you change the tyre width, really impressed

have you tried hard ressetting your xbox, then turn it on, and the wheel, make sure it spins left and right at startup, and make sure all cables are in tight, then load the game up by pressing A on the wheel, do not turn a controller on, then when the game loads up it usually asks you to sign in again (because your using the wheel) so press A on the wheel again to sign in. if this doesnt work you defo have an issue with a cable or the wheel itself

Thanks for the help man! I found out its a problem with the wheel itself and said to me to just send it back for a new one! So if you an Aussie looking for a wheel or need some help with your wheel go to them! :smiley:

Saxon :slight_smile:

The the force 45 degrees from center is generic spring back force. This is the worst force feedback in the series, including FM1.