Thrustmaster TX Italia 458 V Mad Catz Pro Racing Wheels

So here’s my problem, Thrustmaster wheels have had two very severe problems notably the “Up in smoke issue” & the “refusing to work issue”, now madcats has a “FFB Issue” and apparently isnt aswell made.
So the question is what wheel to go for and does anybody know if the issue’s for TX Wheel have been fixed so they are not likely to happen with future hardwares ?

Mad catz on the other hand anybody have any real concrete info about the issue or as to what the quality is like ?

This will get moved to the Hardware section eventually. But anyway, I have not heard one single person say Mad Catz is better. I think the issues with the TX have seen a heavy decrease and Thrustmaster has been working on them I believe. The takeaway point is the Mad Catz is not worth the high end money it’s asking for. It’s TX or wait. Look at the reviews on inside race sim too and throughout the hardware section of the forums.

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Hang on Fanatec is about to unveil a new wheel,maybe a new player in the wheel game.


Oh nice they kept thta quiet :slight_smile: i looked on the site didnt even see a hint lol

only hint is on their Facebook page…should be announced today

i have a Madcatz wheel…has no vibration which is disappointing, i don’t mind the force feedback, don’t like it too strong, it can still force me off the road…lol
i don’t think it’s worth the price though…wish i had held off for the Fanatec wheel if in fact it is what they are about to announce or bought the TX wheel(just didn’t like all the plastic…i find the Madcatz wheel is actually built quite sturdy)

Unfortunately i got impatiant and ordered the TX from catalogue thankfully compared to some prices i seen em at 372 wasnt a bad trade, lets just hope i dont get stung to hard if interest is appllied.

regardless i heard good things about it when it works lets hope mine doesnt smoke more than i do :stuck_out_tongue: lol and actually works.