Thrustmaster TX - Is it supposed to feel like this?

Hi everyone,

Last week I finally bought a Thrustmaster TX after about 6 years of using a G27. I opted for the TX and not the G920 since it seems to offer a much better FFB package, being brushless, and to be honest the G920 seems like it’s a G27 with some more buttons on the wheel, but hey, if it does it’s job as good as the G27 then well done to Logitech. Now, on to the point…

I was quite surprised, and a bit disappointed when I used the steering wheel for the first time, and after trying countless settings I’m still not happy with how it feels on Forza. The FFB is too unpredictable, most times when I oversteer the wheel just sits there and doesn’t countersteer. As soon as the car starts to lose grip the wheel just stays there in the position it was, and at other times it countersteers and actually helps with recovering the car. This is particularly annoying when drifting as it’s near impossible to hold clean lines and transition between drifts.

Another issue I have is that most times, when I even slightly touch the steering to turn into a corner after hard braking the FFB almost fully loses it’s effect , becomes very light and the rear tires of the car just shoot sideways, as if the braking zone was full of ice, and as mentioned above, when the wheel is almost resistant to countersteer particularly in these situations it’s pretty much impossible to re-stabilise the car.

My main issue is obviously the FFB, mostly when turning into a tight corner. Yesterday I was trying out the 458 Speciale at Monze, and in the first corner, as soon as I started to turn in, everything felt fine, and then when I slightly increased the steering lock the FFB became very light, sort of the sensation you get when you have a high powered FWD car and you’re spinning the tires while trying to turn.

Having never owned a wheel with a brushless FFB motor and having never played Forza with a wheel that offers FFB, I’m sure it’s going to take some time for me to get used to. However, I still feel the FFB feels unnatural, it’s like I’m totally disconnected from the car.

The settings I use are:
0 INSIDE - 100 OUTSIDE on everything, so as to remove deadzones
50% Vibration
50% FFB Strength
Rumble On
900 Degrees
Latest Firmware, Sensitivity 1 (as recommended on the thrustmaster website)

I’ve posted here as I’m quite disappointed. I expected the wheel to feel much better, and apparently the issues I’ve mentioned aren’t only affecting me, but many others.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.


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I am having the same issues did you ever figure it out?

I first bought the g920 but returned it and got the new thrustmaster TX leather edition. Personally, they felt similar, at in regards to the way in communicates over/under understeer. I don’t think it’s a wheel issue, I think it’s forza because I also play Assetto Corsa, pCars, and dirty rally and my thrustmatter communicates all the subtly is suppposed to. I love it in fact. Only forza falls flat.

Welcome to the Forza world…

Do yourself a favor… before returning the wheel, just try a different game. :wink: you will find the reason for the lack of sensitivity lies only in one variable: The bad implementation of FFB in Forza Games.

I have a TX… and I played Forza 6 (I have the more expensive version) for 4 hours… then I gave up…
After you test other Xbox one games with the TX (I’m not even saying to use it in a PC), you will find a new world…

As above said, do yourself a favor and play Project Cars with a FFB wheel. This is how a sim should feel because it’s how a car feels. What ever Forza has created to represent feedback is disappointing. And just so you know I used to LOVE Forza, and I’m not one of these Project Cars investors who can’t say a thing wrong about it. It’s just a much better FFB system. I can’t believe anyone at Turn 10 played Project Cars and came back to Forza on a wheel and was like “yeah this is good.”

Same thoughts here. Tried Assetto Corsa, which feels fantastic, and DiRT Rally too, feels great aswell. Even Euro Truck Simulator 2 almost feels more natural than FM6… I bought the TX to enjoy forza, and since I bought it I’ve only played Forza 2 times with it. I’m so disappointed and as said above my post, I can’t accept that anyone at T10 believes that their FFB system is anywhere near acceptable.

Just a suggestion, try using wheel sensitivity at 4 ( stiffest). I find anything else way too loose.

I use 3 for rivals and I use 4 for multiplayer. This has been the biggest change in getting my wheel where I need it to be.

Welcome to forza Motorsport, this is what we’ve been racing towards for 10 years. I love the game but the ffb just takes all the fun out of it and just makes it anoying and frustrating. And it’s equally frustrating that they won’t acnoledge it needs improving

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i have noted a ‘notchy’’ feeling around the centre, it feels like the ffb is trying to work but slipping. This is intermittent and i am getting paranoid that my wheel is faulty.

I have turned down 2 of the settings to minimum, relating to understeer. This seems to help but that feeling keeps coming back. As for Assetto Corsa, that feels solid.