Thrustmaster TX FFB settings please, much appreciated!

I hope that people will share their Thrustmaster TX FFB settings here with me and the rest of the forum.

I am on PC, but like to hear the settings for Xbox too. (If you share your settings could please add if they are xbox or PC settings)

If possible please post your TX configurationprogram settings too (PC only)!

Looking forward to finally play Forza 7 with my wheel!

Please no reply’s like “it is ruined now” etc.

I would love this to be a really helpfull thread for TX owners like me needing help setting up their FFB settings, and players that are helpfull and skillfull enough to make us get the maximum
fun/experience out of our hardware!

(note to mods, if this post is better suited for the Technical Support&help subsection, please move it for me, TA)

First cut drooped 0.5 sec on HLR’s HLC from previous FFB.

Vibration - 13
Force feedback scale - 90
Aligning torque - 100
Mech trail - 110
Pneumatic trail - 20
Road feel - 5
Wheel damper - 20 (0 works too and would be good with the lighter stock wheel, I have the heavier Ferrari wheel fitted)
Center spring - 0

The caster angle on the tune makes a BIG difference on where to set Mech trail.


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Thanks mate, u on xbox or on PC? If on PC what are your thrustmaster config tool settings?

Hi all,
Not sure if this will help you but I started a thread called “New FFB settings to try” but I run on Xbox and use a Fanatec so my settings may be totally different for you but then again they may work…figured I would at least let you all decide😃

Let me know if you like it or not if you can…just curious

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Care to include a link to that post? I tried the default settings and the wheel was not usable. I am optimistic there are settings that will be good though … however the trial and error process is painful … I too would appreciate a good starting point from someone who has settings that work well for them.

I’m currently using a Thrustmaster TMX with Clubsport pedals on PC


These are my settings
VS -0
FFB -85
ATS - 125
MTS -100
PTS -90
RFS -60
WDS -0
CSS -0
WRA -540
SL -50

All dead zones are default, normal steering and I have the Ferrari 458 wheel on my TX.

I know it’s a Matter of preference but so far this is my interpretation of what feels natural.

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Long time forum lurker here. Felt the need to register after seeing some of the feedback to the FFB system. Out of the gate I was not happy with the system at all, but after digging around in these forums, I understood what settings I needed to change to get the feel I wanted. Now I am absolutely loving it, and feel it has improved my lap times dramatically. Only got the game in early November, and I am still only 1/3 of the way through the career. Pre update I was posting career mode times in the top 5-2% range. Post update, and after three Forza Cup races, all have been top 1%. That’s with a Mazda 787B using almost-stock tune (tire pressure change only). I tend to tune cars to be neutral, and then use the same tune at most tracks. Even though I think it has a bit of understeer at low speed, it feels so good doing everything else that I didn’t want to mess with it. Not sure how much of that is car vs. wheel.

I tweaked the wheel settings using a Mustang GT350, and got it to where I was very happy with it. Then started using the Mazda for the Early Prototypes series, and nearly had to change my pants. Going back, it felt the Mustang was complete garbage. And this is exactly how it’s supposed to feel going from a full fledged Le Mans car to a street car (Mustang is one of my primary cars BTW).

Pre update I was using Normal steering, but was able to change it to Simulation post update. Previously, sim steering was unusable as I could not feel the limit of grip, and then noticed too late to do anything about it. Normal was too easy to control, but the only viable alternative. Now with sim, it is so much fun because I can feel the loss of grip, and still have a chance to recover.

Steering Mode: Simulation
Deadzones: All standard
Vibration: 10
FFB: 75
Align: 135
Mechanical: 120
Pneumatic: 110
Road feel: 75
Wheel damper: 75
Center spring: 20
Rotation angle: 720
Linearity: 50

Hope someone else has the same success finding their sweet spot.


woaw … i can only say … woaw … your settings are wonderful … after hours trying to find something … i finally find it … thanks mate

This is a remarkably fun wheel setup! Thank you.

Just got my Thrustmaster TX with pedals and shifter a week ago, coming from a controller previously. After half an hour with these settings I reached my previous wheel setup hot-lap times and after about an hour I’ve approached within 1 second of my best laps on the controller. The feel with partial acceleration on slowing or acceleration is just right, based on some autocross experience in real life. I bumped the Vibration up to 75, as I still depend on it for detecting braking limits. Normal vs. Simulation does make a difference on the wheel, unlike claims otherwise I’ve seen on-line. For multiplayer, I use TCS on the wheel for now (which I didn’t for the controller), as it’s just so dynamic.

Lowering wheel damper to 25 made these settings ideal for me, with a natural amount of pull. Thanks again for the amazing starting point!

Thanks to all for sharing your settings so far!

These are my TX settings as mentioned on the FFB thread - I’ve had good ‘feedback’ from others that have tried them -

DOR in Control Panel 720.

VS 55
ATS 110
MTS 160
PTS 110
RFS 65
WDS 35
CSS 20
WRA 570
SL 46 (slightly deadens the centre and helps smooth your lines, but bigger inputs are better recognised)

You might also try VIB at 90, RFS down to 50, and WDS at 40, which is where I’m at now.



WOW!! Thank you very much! this settings helped a lot!
But I currentyl use Normal Steering Mode, maybe when I am better I’ll try the simulation steering mode.
Finally I can play FM7 with my TX Wheel

I’m late for the party here, but I just discovered your settings two days ago. They’ve made a huge improvement in my experience with the PC version, which became fully playable to me when I upgraded to a Geforce GTX 1070 8 GB. My former 3 GB 1060 was having serious memory leak problems and I’d have to quit Forza 7 after one race because of it. Anyway, I started with your orginal list, then made the changes you recommended in your footnote. I’ve made a few minor mods to your settings as I like my wheel to be just a tad heavier and the linearity a bit more responsive to I went with 52 on SL and 45 on WDS. You’ve established a good baseline with what you’ve got though and I’m truly grateful to your for doing so!

I have the Thrustmaster TMX Pro with 3 pedal setup.

I decided to reset my Wheel to "Default settings and now my wheel seems to be OK.
I’ll stay with this for awhile and see if there’s any problems.

My DOR is 650. and I use Traction control on rear wheel drive cars.


Any users of the TMX Pro setup? Which settings are you using (FM7…well and FH4) with the setup? XB1X. Oh…and how do you update the Firmware of the wheel? Is v 7 the latest version?

Thanks in advance!

Go to Thrustmaster Tech Support page and click on the wheel - it will have a link to /Firmware update and will tell you when to plug the wheel into your computer to do the update.

As for settings, check the FFB thread here - I have some nice settings for the TX, not sure how it will go on the TMX but give them a try as people seem very happy with them on the TX and even on a G920 which is weird.

I just wanted thank you guys for posting your settings here. It really helped me a lot to find more suitable settings for my rig (using a TX).

I had very high expectations getting back into F7 after hearing about the FFB update, only to find that going down the straight in Catalunya felt more wonky than ever. Updating to the latest firmware and playing with the settings posted in this thread definitely helped, I had a nice time in Laguna Seca yesterday.

Thanks guys!

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I’m trying to decide whether to jump into FH4, and have some hesitancy re: whether there are actually good settings for all conditions for TX / FFB. So these posts were just what I needed.

With the settings above, do you guys have to modify them for dirt or gravel vs. pavement? Are they good to go despite road conditions?

Early on I saw a lot of forums where people felt like anything other than pavement was crap.

FH3 proved frustrating for me when courses had pavement and sand etc. so wondering whether I will have the same experience in FH4.

Thanks for any feedback.

The above settings won’t translate to FH4. That game doesn’t use the same FFB settings system. Check the FH4 forum for a similar thread and I believe there are some decent settings posted. I’m also using the TX in FH4 and with the settings I’m running, I don’t change them to suit the road conditions. Mostly just a change in driving style to go from road to off-road to snow. I think you’ll be surprised at how well the wheel works with FH4 when it’s set up proper.

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