Thrustmaster tx drivers lounge

Hello. I am an ambitious steering wheel driver. Drive for 15 years with various steering wheels for now and would like to open a threat for all the people out there who like to be as realistic as possible on the viritual road.
Feel free to ask any questions or to post setups. Pictures of your rigs are welcome aswell!
Keep racing
Ich bin ein ambitionierter Lenkrad fahrer. Fahre schon seit 15 Jahren mit diversen Lenkrädern und möchte hier einen Threat, für alle die Leute da draussen die auch gerne so realistisch wie möglich unterwegs sind, eröffnen.
Fühlt euch frei Fragen zu stellen oder Setups zu posten. Bilder von euren Rigs sind natürlich auch sehr willkommen!
Keep racing

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You can add me if you’d like. I also use the Thrustmaster TX and race in the International Forza Racing Association @

Hey there,

I’m a Forza driver since day one…playing for fun, and still no pro haha. I own a play seat and used to drive FM3 and FM4 with the original 360 wheel.
For the XOne I’m waiting for the Madcatz wheel to hit the stores. Add me anytime if you want to. I’m living in Belgium so it’s nice to get more European friends in FM5, due to the time difference of at least 6 hours.