Thrustmaster TS-pc issues

Hey, I found two issues with TS-PC.
First - advanced mode doesn’t work. - advanced mode allows to bind all buttons on wheel.

It shows message that controller is disconnected while trying to bind any key or play with wheel.

Second issue.
Playing game - going to wheel settings ( wiindows) as above, changing any setting, like force feedback gain - it results in no force feedback for current session, only fix for that is to restart game.

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Can confirm. Same issue here with TS-PC wheel. I refuse to try it without advanced mode as every other game I play fully uses advanced mode.

“Controller Disconnected” message pops as soon as any input to the wheel or pedals.

Same wheel base same issue. Ive tried it with normal mode instead of advanced but it dosent fix it. Hopefully a patch comes out sooner rather than later to fix this