ThrustMaster TMX Wheel can not show in Wheel item of Control for XBS but it can show in PC

Got one ThrustMaster TMX last week. It is xBox version and all keys are mapped to xBox Serious S. But I open the Wheel setting in Control, This wheel name do not show out, even Forza claim this wheel is supported with Horizon 5. In xBox Wheel setting, this item “ Steering Sensitivity” do not show in the bottom but PC has it.

I connect to PC and update firmware from 15 to latest 17, its Control panel show everything fine. I open the Horizon 5 in my PC, than check the wheel setting of Control, the name of ThrustMaster TMX is shown and can have this last item “ Steering Sensitivity” that do not show in xBox when you scroll to the bottom in Wheel setting.

Any help will be appreciated.

Hi, yeah, for some reason, the XBOX is not showing the wheel rotation option. It’s a known issue.

Hope they fix it soon.

Some false ways to get a wheel rotation I have read about . . not tried these yet:

outside deadzone set to 60% / linearity set to 25% - feedback seemed pretty good.

steering deadzone set to lowest 20% is supposed to equal 180 degrees of rotation.
or:-- every 10% of linearity is equal to 90 degrees of sensitivity.
so:- 100% deadzone is equal to 900 degrees rotation . . .math works.

again - use at own risk

Hope that helps . . .