Thrustmaster Sparco TSS Handbrake

Looks great and it didn’t help seeing it sit next to a TH8A shifter because it looked right at home there. It has sequential shifter mode which is a good thing because it would be awfully expensive if it was just a handbrake. I can see it has a benefit in games like Dirt 4 etc regarding the handbrake but was wondering about the benefits of sequential shifter in FM7 since I occasionally use the paddles but have a few misses due to the paddles flying around with the wheel(Although I am improving because RaceRoom will not allow H pattern shift to work on cars that never had that option). I race a lot of floor shift cars in FM7 and although the TH8A has the option to convert to SS with a mod plate it seems like a bit of a task swapping in and out as changing cars.

My question is - How much better is the sequential shifter via a bolt on gearbox accessory in comparison to using the paddles. My guess is it would be better but keen to hear from someone who has tried it and if there is no point having the handbrake then I might even get a second TH8A shifter and have that one set up for the sequential shift since the price of the TSS Handbrake assembly makes a second TH8A look like an Op Shop special. Plus the TH8A can accept real-world gear knobs so I could even get me one of those long tall classy looking thingies.

Any thought appreciated coz I am torn between the two options.