Thrustmaster not replacing my brand new doa wheel

Got a brand new Thrustmaster Tx last week…and the wheel was dead on arrival. It never worked at all. Called Tbrustmaster and they WILL NOT replace the wheel. They say I did not buy from an “authorized” dealer. I purchased the from an eBay power seller with over 15,000 positive feedback. The wheel was brand new and was not a used wheel. Buyer beware Thrustamster will not stand by their product!

Is there a reason why the eBay seller will not replace it?

make a post on the thrustmaster tx facebook page

I can honestly see why Thrustmaster won’t replace it because you bought it from an individual that was selling it new. Doesn’t mean they are authorized to sell it. The warranty would stay with the original purchaser of the product. However, you should be talking to the person who sold it and ask for a refund from them. No matter if they knew it was DOA or not, they need to assume responsibility for the product. That way, the seller can have it replaced by Thrustmaster. Sorry about your troubles though. That’s a real bummer to open a new product up and have it not work right out of the box.

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It was new…brand new and sealed when it arrived at my house. Had it not been new I would understand…

as it is this totally ridiculous.

I totaly understand you but the problem with not authorized selller is that i maybe just could be fallen out of a truck ^^
They need an evidance that they earned their money from the broken product.