Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 spider

Hello. Ferrari spider 458 not working in forza horizon 4…
Is it compatible?

Well, it’s not that I want to dishearten you, but the Logitech Driving Force GT is on the offical support list and it’s unusable, so I’m not sure if even the devs could tell you that.

Its works :slight_smile: my bad

Just got a Ferrari 458 Spyder steering wheel and the setting don’t work for it nothing happens and I have no ffb which makes the car uncontrollable

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That particular wheel does not have force feedback functionality. It is a cheap, non ffb wheel with a bungee cord centring system. Starter force feedback wheels are the Logitech G920(Xbox One/PC), G29 (PS4/PC) and Thrustmaster TMX(Xbox one/PC), T150(PS4/PC).

I’m enjoying playing Forza Horizon 4 and I’d like to buy a racing wheel.
I am playing FH4 on PC, and I’m looking for buying a Ferrari 458 spider racing wheel from Thrustmaster, and I wonder if this will work properly in my gaming environment (PC).
However, the description said the 458 racing wheel is for just Xbox One.
If this product not suitable for my gaming environment, I would appreciate it if you could recommend a good racing wheel at a similar price (about $150).
Sorry for bad English skills. Thanks!