Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider Wheel settings, too senstive... workarounds?

Hello Forza fans,
I’m having some issues with Thrustmaster 458 spider wheel (the lame non ffb version with limited steering angle).
My wheel is way too sensitive (even using the 4 blink mode), what makes some fast cars undrivable.
For what I’ve seen it could be the limited steering angle of that wheel (270º) instead of 900º found on TX version and Mad Catz, G920.
What settings are you guys using?
I wonder why this wheel just doesnt work the way it should because, for exemple, with the correct settings it’s fully enjoyable in Project Cars. In other hand, Forza 5, Horizon 2 and Forza 6 it’s unplayable… can’t recover from understeer/oversteer…

I’m looking to buy a new wheel, like TX version but here in Brazil it costs over $750… And it’s hard to find… So it will take a while for that happen.

But anyway, anyone found some nice settings to use with 458 spider? Thanks

Also bought this wheel and it’s far too sensitive. Understeer/Oversteer, can’t recover properly. Bought it for this game only and, terrible. Firmware update possible? Forza 6 update?

Btw, it’s 240. At least I thought.

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I just realized that changing steering to “normal” instead of “simulation” made the game way more playable with that wheel.

And yeah, it’s 240º degrees.

I think that because of steering degree limitation we must use it like as an ordinary controller (that’s why Steering must be set to normal).

You definitely have to treat the Spider wheel more like a controller do to the 240 DOR. It’s best to use normal steering and set the sensitivity to either level 3 or 4 on the wheel. I typically use level 4 and it seems to be fine. It’s a little more difficult on a stock care with no tuning though.

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