Thrustmaster 458 wheel DOR question

Hey guys!

For some reason (something I did, I am sure… ) my Thrustmaster 458 wheel feels like it is in 180 degree mode. When I go to advanced under wheel settings in the game it says I am in 240 degree mode and I can’t adjust it there. It won’t move.

How do I reset the DOR on this wheel? 240 or 270 degrees oughta do just fine. On the TX wheel you hit engine start and mode to do it. What about on the 458 wheel?

I bought the 458 wheel setup when my TX wheel died on me after a year and a half. The 458 wheel has been a fine stopgap until I get a new base. OK the wheel is plastic but hey… It was in stock. My old wheel died two weeks prior to the FM6 launch, bummer.

Anywhoo, how do I set the DOR on the 458 wheel?