Thrustmaster 458 Spider gone all wonky

Disclaimer: I’m old; I’m a total noob to racing games, wheels, and the Xbox One. So use small words when you answer. With that said, I’ve had this Thrustmaster 458 Spider for a few weeks, playing Forza 6 on my new Xbox One, and everything has been fine. In the last couple of days, the car has been jerking left or right for no particular reason when I’m going in a straight line. So I followed the instructions for the wheel: turn the xbox off all the way, unplug everything, then start over. But now, the wheel has a huge deadzone in the middle, like 20 degrees or even more. I went into the options tab in Forza 6 and tried adjusting the deadzone, but it’s at zero. Does anyone have any advice?

Try posting this in the Forza 6 Discussion Forum in the Sub Forum “Support”

Good Luck!

Have you tried an updating the software. Plug wheel into your pc and follow prompts. I also have the same wheel and it needs updating every once in a while. Hope this helps. If not it maybe its a hardware issue and needs returning for repair/service.