Thru the Pack Boosting Session

Come one, come all, come and get this ridiculous achievement out of the way in what may be the last session for a while!

Another session up for Saturday 21st!

Might have to have a gander at this now

Got in as a Reserve for tomorrow’s session. If too many folks show up, unlikely I’ll get it, thus, keep me posted for others as well. Thank you!


I’ll link to any I see come up in this thread for people :slight_smile:

There’s another one up!

Hi everyone,

I have a session created on to obtain the Thru the Pack achievement.

You will need to register on that website, then search for gaming sessions - you will find a calendar. Look for Sunday and click ‘Apply For Session’.

Alternatively, click this link to sign up for the session: TrueAchievements - Xbox Achievement Tracking

We desperately need 6 or so people for this, so please sign up! The session starts at 8pm BST.

Thank you!!

I started a boosting session for thru the pack.

Session starts on Saturday, 02 December 2017 at 18:00 mountain time for 5 hours

please stay till everybody has achievement
please have microphone
please signup on true achievements for session


You want TA only people and you are rude as hell to people that don’t want their main accounts on TA and kick them out and try to sabotage their sessions while lying about them and now you come on here for the first time to post twice begging for us to come save your session… grow up please… you are embarrassing humanity.


We have a session this sunday for those interested!

It starts 15 hours and 40 minutes from now!

Feel free to message me.

Hey hey!

Session for this achievement starting this sunday in 15 hours and 38 minutes!

Feel free to message!

Hi all,

This is all about this one last achievement which I assume majority of the drivers do not have, called “Thru The Pack” which requires you do start last and finish first in a 24 online lobby.

Pointing out the obvious, this can be very hard. For those that do not have the achievement and willing to obtain it, let me know by sending me a message on Xbox, my gamer tag is: Quiggzo

With 24 confirmed drivers, good communication and dedication, obtaining the achievement should only take maximum 1hr (or a bit more depending on communication).

So, for those that are legit keen on this, send me a PM via Xbox.

Yours in achievements,

This post has been completed, however if anyone requires assistance PM me.