Three problem : BSOD, G-sync isnt work and low sreaming error

i’m having the same bad bad experiance and problem in Forza 4 (this is my first ever game from windows store and forza ) i tired to contact with support team but no response yet from Dev. It’s being 2 days waiting for a reply :confused:

1 )when i play the game it keeps crashing with β€˜β€™ driver_irql_not_less_or_equal Blue screen β€˜β€™ i tried every driver ( 399.24 , 411.63 and 411.70 ) and played with low to ultra .didnt help it .kept crashing . Every 5 or 20 min or so it does crash with blue screen .same error message for BSOD .

  1. With gsync Off the game play is so smooth ( stuttering and tearing there but smooth game play ) now with Gsync on ( when i do Gsync On i capped the fps below the monitor refresh rate say like 2 ) the game is ridiculous bad experience.its not smooth at all (feels like the game play is stop for millisecond and start and its kept going .and this is not a smooth experience game play in Gsync option .so it need to be fixed .currently playing with Gsync off with Blue screen crash . i asked my self --what the point of having Gsync tech ?

  2. another error i need to add ''low streaming bandwidth error problem in Forza horizon 4 β€˜β€™ i added the video below

this is happen even in low or midum settings .i saw my gpu and ram memory it wasnt even full .arround 3-2 GB ffee memory in GPu and 10-8 GB free in RAM . cpu and GPU were stays in cool temp .even the CPU and GPu utilization were below 50 or 60% .

I’m playing on laptop ( ASUS GL502VMK Intel Core i7 7700HQ , 16GB Ram , GTX 1060 6GB , 512GB SSD +128 GB SSD )

thank you .have a wonderful evening again . i 'm looking for a patch and well optimized driver.

Exact same issues as yourself. No fixes. I’ve tried everything :frowning:

All driver updated, temps are good.


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i talked and chat with nvidia all the day and trying to fixing this gsync and crashing issue after 2-3 hours and emailing all the day , they told me its the problem of game it self .they suggest me at the end to contact with the game dev .so yeah i need wait for a patch .currently im not playing feels like wasted money by pre oreder since i cant play .hope and i wish from inside my heart Gsync and crashing also low streaming error will be fix.happy gaming .